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Dancing with the Sun – Children’s ebook review

by Ivy B

Because we were on vacation last week, week 6 of preschool is delayed.  But, I’m happy to have been given the chance to review Dancing With The Sun by Ally Nathaniel.  If you have a daughter aged 3+, you may find this book review to be of interest.

Welcome back to Emma’s world – this time, she’s elegantly describing her love for dancing.  As we all have something we feel passionate about, Emma’s art is dancing.  It makes her happy and melts her worries away.

The cute rhyming verses transport you to this exciting world of dance for Emma as if you’re dancing right along with her.  Ally does a great job explaining reasons that following your heart and doing what you love is so important, without “teaching” it.  This book feels natural and beautiful.

The colorful illustrations are sure to captivate your young reader.  This is a book that I can confidently say you’ll be happy to read to your little one.

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