The Ultimate List of Kids Books About Manners

by Ivy B
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Is it time for some life lessons in manners?  Check out this list of over 20 kids books about manners.

No matter where we go, I am constantly reminded of why I teach my children manners.  It seems like everywhere, kids are running rampant without their manners upsetting others in the process.  It also becomes pretty clear whether or not parents try to instill these manners in their children.

It’s frustrating, to say the least when your children have been waiting patiently in a line to do an activity, only to be cut in front of by children who just don’t know to be thoughtful of others.  Beyond that, though, it’s irritating when the parent acts like it’s not only normal but acceptable.

And, then I have to explain to my kids that some people don’t understand manners, but those who use manners make it a practice to be kind and thoughtful and that this isn’t their world.  

We share, take turns, and say please and thank you.  And, people will be appreciative of their efforts to use their manners way more than if they didn’t try at all.

And, now that my kids are in school, I get regular reminders of why we work so hard to teach our kids manners.  Every one of their teachers has thanked us at least once for having well-behaved and well-mannered children.

They listen when they’re supposed to, talks when it’s okay, and say please and thank you.

They do make mistakes and talk out of turn or get excited and forget about lines.  They’re kids, after all.  But, we’re always reminding them how important their manners are.

Manners are important for kids to learn, but I don’t teach them solely through actions at home.  We use books as teaching aids.

My daughter catches on to subjects and concepts pretty easily, so reading books is our go-to-activity when trying to explain something new.  And, we use this technique when we have to work on important childhood lessons.

It’s hard to gauge whether or not my son understands in the same way.  But, we continue to read.

We rely on books.  So, I’m sharing a big list of children’s books about manners with you.

Over 20 books about manners for kids: Toddlers, preschool aged kids, and even teens. Parents can easily teach manners to kids with a great selection of books, including a parent's guide to manners!

Over 20 Kids Books About Manners

We have read some of these books about manners with our kids.  Others on this list are ones that look like things we’d enjoy reading and have gotten some pretty good reviews.  I’d love to know if you’ve read any of these books to your kids.

Do you find that reading books helps your children understand things better?

Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners

“In her smart, playful style Laurie Keller highlights how to be a good friend and neighbor―simply follow the Golden Rule! This title has Common Core connections.”

This book has over 900 reviews on Amazon with a 4.8-star rating.  There seems to be some consensus that this book is heavy on text and probably better suited for kids 4 years to 9 years with longer attention spans.

Manners Time (Toddler Tools)


Dude, That’s Rude!: (Get Some Manners) (Laugh & Learn®)

Manners at School (Way To Be!: Manners)

365 Manners Kids Should Know: Games, Activities, and Other Fun Ways to Help Children and Teens Learn Etiquette

The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners


A Smart Girl’s Guide: Manners (Revised): The Secrets to Grace, Confidence, and Being Your Best (Smart Girl’s Guides)

Manners Can Be Fun

Manners on the Playground (Way To Be!: Manners)

Manners with a Library Book (Way To Be!: Manners)

Manners aren’t restricted to how we act in front of others!  Teach kids they have to treat library or borrowed books well!  The mistreatment of books affects more than just the child.  Replacing destroyed books can be costly and isn’t fun for other kids who could potentially borrow books that they can’t read.

Manners in the Lunchroom (Way To Be!: Manners)

Manners at the Table (Way To Be!: Manners)

Manners in the Library (Way To Be!: Manners)

How Rude!: The Teen Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out

Manners in Public (Way To Be!: Manners)

Excuse Me: A Little Book of Manners (Lift-the-Flap Book)

Manners on the School Bus (Way To Be!: Manners)

Margaret Wise Brown’s Manners (Little Golden Book)

Table Talk: A Book about Table Manners (Building Relationships)

Manners Are Not for Monkeys

Clifford’s Manners (Clifford 8×8)

Learn Good Manners with Charles

Say Please, Little Owlet: (Children’s book about the Little Owlet Who Learns Manners, Rhyming Kids book, Bedtime Story, Picture Books, Ages 3-5, Preschool Books)

The Please and Thank You Book (Little Golden Book)

A Parent’s Guide to Manners for Kids: Lessons, Games, and Activities for Home, School, and Beyond

“Manners and etiquette for the modern age―a parent’s manual for teaching their kids

Getting a compliment about your well-mannered child is one of the best feelings you can have as a parent―but it doesn’t come easy. Teaching manners to young children can be tough. Let the fun lessons, games, and activities inside A Parent’s Guide to Manners for Kids help make learning proper etiquette a pleasure instead of a chore.

You’ll first understand the best ways to teach manners, and why they make happy children into successful adults. Then, dive into chapters that address all the situations where manners matter most―from the “magic words” to everyday scenarios like getting on an elevator or going out to eat. Look forward to watching your child flourish with excellent communication skills―and get prepared for even more compliments and invitations.”

Have you read any kids books about manners?

What were some of your favorites in this list of kids books about manners?  Do you have others that we should add to the list?

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Abby January 8, 2019 - 9:17 pm

I can tell from my personal experiences that parents have become quite aware of the importance of teaching their kids manners from an early age, which means, our society is heading towards a better future. Although, there is always room for improvement and books such as these can be really helpful in doing that.

Waqar Shah December 22, 2020 - 2:43 am

one of the best ways to teach kids how to behave is by reading children’s books about manners to them. Reading stories help children understand concepts and themes that otherwise they wouldn’t get. Your blog is exceptionally good for users. I like your blog. Much appreciated!
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