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3 of the Best Diaper Rash Remedies Moms Need to Know

by Ivy B

My toddler hates the idea of using a potty but also doesn’t like me to change him.  So, he continues to get a diaper rash and I have to employ certain diaper rash remedies to make him feel better!

You guys, I totally had my crap together with my first kid.  But, my second?  I guess I’ve kinda given up on the potty training business.

Whoever said potty training boys is harder has been 100% right.  At least, that’s my experience.  So, I’m stuck with a diaper bag for a while longer.  Just tell me I won’t be sending him to school in diapers, and I’ll be okay.

Apparently, I missed a very small window in which my son was actually interested in using the potty.  Since then, he’s refused to use the potty and cries like I’m hurting him when I try to place him on the toilet.

It’s so bad with the potty training that this little guy refuses to admit he’s done number two in his diaper.  In fact, he won’t tell me during nap or quiet time if he needs to be changed.

And, because he’s already notorious for getting a diaper rash, this is only exacerbated by his insistence to remain in his diaper.

Now, my son seems to get a rash when he plays at a water table or in a body of water for a seemingly short amount of time.  At times, certain foods (like the Cuban food with lime juice) can also give him a rash.

Even my daughter, as a little tyke was prone to diaper rash with certain foods like strawberries.

You eventually kind of learn when to expect diaper rashes and, depending on their severity, try to reduce or eliminate the exposure to the food or events that often prompt diaper rashes.

But, when one pops up, your child is likely irritable and may show signs of discomfort.

Toddler standing with legs wide apart with a diaper rash | sahmplus.com
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My son will walk with his legs really far apart (and you’ll likely just think he’s playing around).  Or, he won’t wrap his legs around me while I hold him.

So, what are some diaper rash remedies to help relieve irritation and pain?

My 3 Favorite Diaper Rash Remedies

Boudreaux's Rash Kicking Kit is one of the best diaper rash remedies I've found! | sahmplus.com

1. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

*I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions.  Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is my go-to diaper rash remedy!

Honestly, this is my first line of action because it’s readily available in my diapering kit.  Boudreaux’s has been part of my diapering station and diaper bag essentials ever since my daughter was a baby.


Because it was effective the first time I ever needed it, so I never considered changing brands.  And, it’s never let me down in 7 years, so long as it was a rash treatable on my own (started showing signs of improvement with the diaper rash remedies we used at home)!

Using Boudreaux's Butt Paste and Butt Brush for diaper rash | sahmplus.com

What I love about [easyazon_link identifier=”B00523ACAI” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”ivsvabasaan0a-20″ cart=”n” cloak=”n” localize=”y” popups=”n”]Boudreaux’s Rash Kicking Kit™[/easyazon_link] is that it’s convenient and portable, making it perfect for use around the home or stuffing in a diaper bag for use while running errands. And, the kit includes a cool BPA free Butt Brush™ silicone applicator.  It’s great for applying a thick, smooth coat of Butt Paste® for a protective wetness barrier

But, that’s not the only reason we use Boudreaux’s.  Despite it’s efficacy, and if you’re anything like me, it’s great to know Boudreaux’s is free of dyes, parabens, presevatives, phthalates, and talc.

Original Butt Paste® has 16% Zinc Oxide to start soothing your baby’s bum and the Maximum Strength includes more for a stronger, more angry rash.

Finally, you can grab the Rash Kicking Kit, which typically retails for a mere $14.99, on Amazon.  It makes a great baby shower gift or regular purchase for your diaper bag essentials to be prepared for baby or toddler diaper rash concerns.

2. Air Drying

When your baby or toddler has a diaper rash, it’s especially important to give the area a few moments to dry after a change (or bath).

You could even give your little one a few minutes of diaper-free time.

Toddler in a baking soda bath as a soothing diaper rash remedy | sahmplus.com

3. Baking Soda Bath

When a diaper rash is stubborn or extremely painful, try a baking soda bath.  Simply add up to 2 tablespoons of baking soda to your kiddo’s bath water and let them soak for 10 minutes or less.

The baking soda will be soothing for the skin and help recover pH balance.

Don’t forget to dry gently after a bath and allow your child’s skins to breathe for a few minutes before putting another diaper on.

Remember, if you’re not comfortable with any of the above diaper rash remedies, you should consult with your pediatrician.

If you’ve used any and all of the diaper rash treatments, and your baby’s diaper rash persists, or worsens, it may be time to seek medical attention from your pediatrician.

Fungal or Bacterial Infections can cause diaper rash that doesn’t go away without treatment, but you won’t know until you seek his or her advice.

Tell me:  What are your favorite diaper rash remedies?

Don’t forget to purchase your Boudreaux’s Rash Kicking Kit™ on Amazon and show them love on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

One of my favorite diaper rash remedies: Boudreaux's Rash Kicking Kit | sahmplus.com


Parents, you need to know these 3 diaper rash remedies for your baby or toddler. 3 tips to treat diaper rash before seeking medical attention. | sahmplus.com

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