6 Baby Myths Dispelled for the Uncertain First Time Mom

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As first time parents, we can be pretty uncertain about things we hear.  We’re always second-guessing how we’re caring for our babies, because there’s tons of parenting advice flying at us in various forms.  In this guest post, Erica will be dispelling baby myths for first time moms.

From old wives to tales to tips your mother-in-law swears by, there’s a lot of information about babies out there that will have you wondering what is best. InnerParents decided to dispel some of the common myths about young babies that you may hear or read about.Dispelling Baby Myths for First Time Moms - 6 baby myths debunked | a guest post for www.sahmplus.com

Dispelling Baby Myths for First Time Moms

Dispelling myths about babies - instant love

Myth #1 You will love your baby instantly

After months of anticipation, you’re probably expecting love at first site with your little one. We’re here to let you know that it’s totally normal if you aren’t gushing over your infant instantly, and it’s more common than you think. Bonding happens over time. While some mothers and fathers feel instant closeness, nothing is wrong if you don’t. Just like anyone else, it takes time to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Dispelling Baby Myths for First Time Moms - baby bath

Myth #2 Your baby needs a bath everyday

It’s okay to give your infant a bath every day if they happen to enjoy, but it’s not necessary for very young babies. The truth is, they are getting clean in the areas that matter most every time you change their diaper and they are not really up to much else the rest of the time. Ensure that your baby’s nappy area, hands, neck, and face is clean on a daily basis and you can wait a couple days before bath time.

Dispelling Baby Myths for First Time Moms - feeding baby allergenic foods

Myth #3 You should avoid feeding your baby allergenic foods

In the past doctors used to advise parents to avoid feeding their foods such as shellfish, peanuts, and eggs until after their first birthday for fear of developing an allergy. In turns out, the opposite is true. Introducing these foods early on can actually reduce your infant’s risk of developing these allergies later on.

Dispelling Baby Myths for First Time Moms - baby knee caps

Myth #4 Your baby doesn’t have kneecaps

While your baby may certainly be so flexible and soft you don’t think there is anyway that he or she can have kneecaps, the truth is they do. They simply aren’t hard. Infant kneecaps are actually made of soft cartilage to allow for growth spurts early on and they get firmer as they move through childhood.

Dispelling Baby Myths for First Time Moms - baby poop frequency

Myth #5 Your baby should poo every day

Many parents become concerned if there baby doesn’t poo every day. The truth is, infants may not poo for several days up to a week. As long as the poo is soft, you can rest assured that they aren’t constipated, even if they haven’t pooed for several days. Babies that are solely breastfed are also less likely to become constipated.

Dispelling Baby Myths for First Time Moms - baby and excessive crying


Myth #6 Excessive crying is a sign something serious is wrong

Many parents worry if their baby continues to cry, cry, and cry some more, but it usually doesn’t mean that they are in pain or sick. Sounds confusing, right? Think of it like this, it takes a lot of energy to fuel excessive crying. Babies that are ill are usually listless and limp, passive, or breathing fast. Crying is a communication tool. So if your baby is crying, but they have eaten, slept, and pooed as per normal they are probably uncomfortable or want something else.

Did you enjoy this list? Please share with your family and friends! Don’t forget to let us know a myth you’ve uncovered about babies in the comments below.

Inner Parents Logo for dispelling myths about babies for first time momsAuthor Bio: Erica Johnson is the Main Editor for Inner Parents and a very proud mother of two who’s passionate about the latest parenting tips & baby products.  You can follow Inner Parents on Twitter and Pinterest for more articles like this one!




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Baby myths debunked for new parents | Dispelling Baby Myths for First Time Moms | guest post for www.sahmplus.com
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