The Most Helpful Advice on How to Breastfeed a Baby

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A collection of valuable advice from moms who want to help you successfully breastfeed a baby.  Breastfeeding tips, tricks, hacks, and confessions from real moms.

Hey, mama!  Are you a first timer or more experienced?

I know, it doesn’t really matter when it comes to how you breastfeed a baby, does it?

Every baby is different.

Heck, you’re different whether you’ve had your first baby or your 2nd and subsequent babies.

Circumstances change don’t they?  You’re here because you want to know how to breastfeed your baby.

I totally get it.  How much time have you spent online already searching for how to breastfeed a baby?  And there’s so much information out there.  I mean, where do you start?  Well, how about here?  I’ve rounded up a few articles I’ve enjoyed reading and hope you find them helpful.

If you visit any of the articles, and enjoy them, please be sure to leave them a sweet comment and let them know I sent you!

How to breastfeed a baby: A collection of helpful articles to help you breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding tips, tricks, hacks, and experiences from moms

General Tips on How to Breastfeed a Baby

For starters, check out an OB Nurse’s Guide to Breastfeeding via The Mama Nurse

OB nurse's guide to breastfeeding via The Mama Nurse

Samantha, from Modern Day Hippie Mama, shared a bunch of wonderful tips for breastfeeding a baby.

Breastfeeding tips and tricks via Modern Day Hippie Mama

Jessi, from The Coffee Mom, is a mom of two.  She shared her breastfeeding advice … I especially love her advice not to supplement if you can help it!

breastfeeding advice from mother of two via The Coffee Mom

Speaking of supplementing, check out how this mom raised the fat content of her milk.  I wish I had seen this in the early days of my breastfeeding experiences… I totally would have given it a shot! via Joyful Abode

raise fat content of breastmilk via A Joyful Abode

Are you a mam with twins?  Jenn from Two Came True shares some really amazing tips for tandem nursing twins.

Tips for a positive experience tandem nursing twins via Two Came True

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Breastfeeding Bundle

Worried about your milk supply?  Oh man … keep calm and drink some water.  Then, head over to read Ashley’s tips, from Spit Up and Sit ups, about how to increase your milk supply.

how to increase your milk supply via Spit Up and Sit Ups

Amanda at The Accidental Mrs shares some interesting tips and tricks for breastfeeding baby.  Oatmeal water?  I haven’t heard of that until this post …

ten tips breastfeeding baby via The Accidental Mrs.

Traveling with a newborn?  Jasmine shares tips on how to travel and breastfeed a baby.

travel and breastfeed a baby

Pumping for work?  Carly shares the tips she learned about how to pump and store milk for breastfeeding a baby for a year.

how to pump at work breastfeeding for a year

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Milk-to-Go Pumping Companion Essentials

Are you going to travel internationally without baby?  You might like these tips from Baby Castan on Board.  Melissa’s baby was exclusively breastfed and she had to travel without the baby for a week.

travel internationally without baby - pumping for the EBF mom on travel via Baby Castan on Board

Can you breastfeed while treating a cold?  Not only can you, but you should!how to treat a cold while breastfeeding  Over at Joyful Abode, learn .

how to treat a cold while breastfeeding via Joyful Abode

Check out this weird trick to overcome nipple confusion from Gym Craft Laundry.

overcome nipple confusion via Gym Craft Laundry

Breastfeeding Tips for Traveling via Tapped out Travellers


Learning from Other’s Mistakes

How My 2nd Breastfeeding Experience Was Better – In a previous post, I share why I believe my second breastfeeding experience was successful vs. my first.

Tips for a better breastfeeding experience

How Others Can Help You As You Breastfeed Your Baby

When you think of breastfeeding a baby, you don’t often think about anyone but a mom and her baby.  But, other family members and friends have a huge, and often unspoken, responsibility for supporting a breastfeeding mother.

Earth Mama Organics

A Dad’s Role During Breastfeeding – Travel with the Russells shares an amazing perspective on dad’s role in supporting his wife’s decision to breastfeed.

Dad's role during beastfeeding via Travel with the Russells

If you have about 10 minutes, check out Mama Robin’s video rant about the need for breastfeeding support.  I think you’ll really enjoy the message she’s trying to convey!

How People Feel about Breastfeeding

Sometimes, we just need to know we’re not alone.

I want to start with one of my favorites … Tiffany from Short Sweet Mom shares her breastfeeding surprises (and a few breastfeeding tips).

breastfeeding surprises and tips via Short Sweet Mom

Jasmine shares her top 5 reasons she’s had a love hate relationship with breastfeeding.

Top 5 reasons Jasmine had a love hate relationship with breastfeeding

I’ve had my own trouble with breastfeeding.  My breastfeeding success made me feel guilty – after being successful with my son, it hurt that I, in my mind, failed my daughter.

breastfeeding success guilt

Maybe you’re just afraid to breastfeed!  After a really difficult first experience, I was afraid to breastfeed again when I decided to have a second baby.

confessions from a mom afraid of breastfeeding again

Image courtesy of Jomphong at

Do you breastfeed a baby in public or in private?  Krystal from Healthy Happy Thrift Family shares the reasons she prefers to breastfeed in private.

Breastfeed in private

Inez from Diary of a New Mommy shares her confessions of a breastfeeding mommy.

confessions of a breastfeeding mom

Breastfeeding through pregnancy via Joyful Abode

A Personal Breastfeeding Journey via Shahira

Challenges Breastfeeding a Toddler via Healthy Happy Thrifty Family

Essentials and Gear to Breastfeed a Baby

Whether or not you’ve heard that the ACA supplies a breastpump, you might like some assistance in figuring out HOW to order your pump through insurance!  Julie can help you with one way.

how to order a breast pump through insurance via Fab Working Mom Life

Andrea from Messy Nest Mama shares her 10 breastfeeding tips and breastfeeding essentials.  I TOTALLY agree with the glider recommendation, too!

10 breastfeeding essentials and tips

Yasmine from The Gentle Nursery shares her breastfeeding essentials, which includes a lot of natural, organic, and non-toxic options.

Natural and organic guide for breastfeeding essentials

Are you a working mama who is also breastfeeding?  Check out the breastfeeding essentials for a working mom, shared by Julie from Fab Working Mom.

working mom breastfeeding essentials

Are you a working mom?  Check out Julie’s list of pumping bag essentials for you!

pumping bag essentials working mom via Fab Working Mom LIfe

More Breastfeeding Essentials:

Breastfeeding Must Haves via All About Baby’s World

All in One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra via All About Baby’s World

Momzelle Breastfeeding Apparel via SAHM, plus…

Using a contact nipple shield via All About Baby’s World

Breastfeeding Essentials via My Silly Monkey

Breastfeeding, Pumping, and Supplementing

Julie shares her struggle getting her baby to breastfeed, but how she still triumphed as she supplemented.

breastfeeding and supplementing via Fab Working Mom Life

Breast Pumping Tips via My Little Monkey

Lactation Recipes & Products

Julie has this cool Overnight Oatmeal recipe for lactation … because making oatmeal in the morning takes more time than a nursing mama has!

Overnight oatmeal lactation recipe via Fab Working Mom Life

Milkmakers Lactation Cookies Review via All About Baby’s World

Did any of these breastfeeding tips help?  Need anything else?

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