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Finishing Touches of a Bathroom Remodel With Framed Art: Fulcrum Gallery Art Review

by Ivy B

Shortly after moving into our home, we had some problems relating to our master bathroom that required almost an entire bathroom remodel.  Either that, or we could have let it cave in on the kitchen/dining area downstairs.  The remodel wasn’t expected or planned, which was troubling.  Since we had just moved into the home and had the intent to be here a while, we decided to have it entirely remodeled so that we had the bathroom we would have eventually wanted anyway.

Once it was over, I was really glad we chose the entire remodel, but our toilet stall (for lack of a better word) was bare and boring.  I hadn’t exactly thought the entire thing out given it wasn’t planned for.  The ultimate goal I’d had for the bathroom was to feel classic but modern. For the most part, that had been achieved, but the toilet stall just wasn’t working for me.  There’s nothing but bare gray walls, a toilet paper holder and a white toilet.

Thankfully, I was approached by Fulcrumgallery.com to complete a review of a piece of art.  I was ecstatic, knowing adding a framed piece of art to the bathroom would finish off the remodel if I chose wisely.  Since my  goal was to be both classic and modern with rich cherry colored wood and gray walls, I began diligently searching for the most appropriate black and white print I could find.  I stumbled on this and fell in love instantly!

Judith mcmillan Lotus and Grasses fulcrumgallery.com
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Art: Judith Mcmillan Lotus and Grasses from fulcrumgallery.com

I feel compelled to tell you that I’m really not accustomed to picking out framed artwork.  In fact, I’m not certain I’ve ever purchased any framed art for myself previously.  I had thought, on occasion, that since we’ve moved into this home as a family, it would probably be nice to decorate with art to establish that we’re adults.  Shortly after the thought crossed my mind, I forgot about it until my husband purchased a piece of art for my birthday unexpectedly.  All that said, I’m clueless about picking art, right down to where to purchase.

Luckily for me, Fulcrum Gallery allows me to easily buy art online.  You can shop their online gallery by style, subjects, rooms, artists, or even create canvas art from your own photos.  Since I knew I wanted a black and white photo, I shopped through the Styles tab to locate black and white art prints.  Once I’d found the photographic art print I loved, I was able to edit the remaining options to choose whether or not I wanted a mat, select from different frames, and even the type of glass.  

The process made me feel more connected and in control of the art I was selecting, versus simply choosing a print in a store.  I’ve been in a store looking at framed prints and just never found the perfect combinations.  I loved that Fulcrum Gallery gave me all the options I needed to create the perfect piece to finish up our bathroom remodel.

When my art arrived, it was securely packaged and I felt confident damage wouldn’t be much of a worry in the shipping process.  They took care to wrap the frame in bubble wrap, fasten in with plastic straps, and tucked into an appropriate cardboard “frame” before inserting into a perfectly sized shipping box.  I could tell the art wasn’t rattling around and any worries about shipping art dissipated.

before photographic art print #ivysvarietyafter remodel photographic art print #ivysvariety

As you can see, having our new framed art in the bathroom makes the stall look more complete.  It certainly makes me feel like we’re adults who own a home and show it by making the investment in completing rooms with art of our choosing.

What kind of art would you like to purchase?  Be sure to look around the Fulcrum Gallery website and then come back to the blog on 9/9/14 at 12 a.m. EST to look for a giveaway!

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