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Kids Who Love Art Will Really Want These 13 Gifts

by Ivy B

Art.  Hours upon hours of art.

My daughter has always had a fascination with art and could have painted outside for hours.  As a first grader, her teacher has mentioned that art is one of my daughter’s strong suits.  Not that I wasn’t aware of this, already.

But, painting and messes generally are not my favorite!  I’ll let her do them, but I’ve got to devote the time for mixing paint, and sitting there doling out paper every couple minutes.  Then, after hours of work, it’s time for clean up.  I need a nap just thinking about it.

Anyway, I wondered if there were any cool gifts for children with artistic interests that I hadn’t seen before.  And I began gathering ideas to relay to Santa or family eager to buy her more junk.

Great Gifts for Children with Artistic Interests

Great gifts for children with artistic interests. If your kid loves art, they'll love these awesome art gift ideas | www.sahmplus.com
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General Art Supplies

 Grow-With-Me Adjustable Art Easel
gifts for children with artistic interests - grow with me art easel

We love a good easel that’s easy to carry outside for our messy painting activities.  At the same time, I love an easel that can pull double or triple duty for various artistic interests.  Aside from having an attached paper roll for paper, it has a chalkboard surface on one side and a wipe away white board on the other.

Our kids’ interests can vary from day-to-day, so this easy fold and adjustable height easel is perfect!

 Set of 6 Paint Pots and 10 Brushes

This set of six paint pots and brushes will fit in the easel I just mentioned.  We have these and love them because they help reduce chances of spillage AND they store the paint ready to go at a moment’s notice.

 Tempera Paints, 6 colors

Well, paint … because those paint pots and brushes are useless without it!

65′ Easel Paper Roll

Art is More Than Painting …

 Set of Two Chalkboard Fantasy Fort Kits Special
chalkboard fantasy fort kits - gifts for children with artistic interests

Okay, I love this and believe this would be a perfect rainy summer afternoon activity.  The kids can build their fort and draw all over the chalkboards for hours of imaginative fun!  And mama can sit back writing for her blog … or napping.

Just kidding!  We all know kids don’t get along for hours *wink*

But, I still love this idea.  Just need to clean out our playroom!

 Pottery Wheel Special

My daughter loves painting, but maybe it would be a good idea to learn a skill to expand her artistic interests.  I love the idea of a pottery wheel, because she can create and paint!

The pottery wheel special comes with pottery wheel, an additional 4 lbs air-dry clay (in addition to the 2 lbs included with the wheel, and an additional 6 paints, but metallic.

Rock Tumbler Pro

Does your kiddo like to pick up random things on walks?  You guys, mine keeps trying to start a rock collection from the rocks on our street… all the same kind of rocks.  I think it’s limestone, but I’m no geologist.

Anyway, I know my daughter would love polishing rocks, so I thought maybe your children would too.

The tumbler comes with some rocks and polishing grit, but you may as well order refills.  I know my kiddo would go through it in minutes!

Outdoor Gifts

I don’t exactly like the mess art projects typically create, but I’m less bothered by them when they’re outside!  Check out these amazing outdoor gifts for children with artistic interests.

ChalkScapes® Mandalas

My daughter loves sidewalk chalk, and has ever since she was a toddler.  As part of our home preschool activities, we’d step outside and use outdoor chalk to draw our shape and write our letter of the week.  Then, she’d spend some time creating whatever works of art she felt like.  I love that this set will help expand her artistic interests through some guidance of a stencil.

This set is for stars and geometry, but you can order the green flowers and butterflies set.

Inflatable Easel with Paints

This was love at first site for me and it’s perfect for pursuing artistic interests outside in the Florida heat!  This is an inflatable easel that you simply spray with a hose to clean.  The kiddos can draw and write over and over again, and I can stand far away from the mess. *wink*

 Sunography Prints Kits

While you’re outside doing some other outdoor activities, pull out a paper or fabric sunography kit.  Your kids can get creative with patterns and learn a little science in the process!

Showing Off  and Storing Their Art

Kids, of course, enjoy having places to show of their art.  What’s the point in expressing themselves if they can’t display it, right?

 My Art Gallery
gifts for children with artistic interests - display gallery

This awesome set comes in three different color options.  What I love about these plastic frames is that they offer versatility in displaying your child’s art.  You can choose to hang 3 frames together or display them separately using magnets for the fridge, on the wall, or freestanding with included snap-in legs.

If you’re also hoping to store your child’s masterpieces, each frame holds up to 35 (thirty-five) pieces of 8.5″ x 11″ pages.

 Lil’ Davinci Art Frame, 12″ x 18″

What I love about this art frame is that it’s perfectly suited for displaying your child’s art throughout the home, easily blending in to the rest of the house’s art.  Because it’s a much more mature frame, your older child will still be able to display his or her work.

Although I’m showing the larger sized frame, it also comes in an 8.5′ x 11″ frame as well.  Each frame stores up to 50 original pieces!  I love how these frames answer the question “what do I do with all my child’s art?”

 My Art Place Portfolio

If you or your child just want to store their old art, this portfolio has them covered.  The portfolio expands to show 8 tabbed dividers so you can organize your child’s art any way you like (by year, grade, subject and more).  This highly capable storage system holds papers up to 12″ x 18″.


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