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[Video] How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

by Ivy B

Baby sleep is essential for your baby’s overall wellbeing and for your sanity.  Check out this video with 5 tips on how to get baby to sleep through the night.

How to get baby to sleep through the night is one of the main things moms question in the first year after having a baby!

I know I certainly researched how to get my baby to sleep … a lot.

I asked my parents, my grandparents, and all the moms I knew.

I pleaded with my baby’s pediatrician for advice.

Of course, everyone has a different approach.  And, generally, not one approach works for every child.

This isn't how you want baby to sleep at night, but the image is peaceful ... making you long for your baby to sleep.
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But, there are certain principles that set the foundation for good sleep habits for your baby.  And, sleep is essential … not just for your baby, but for you, too.

How to Get Baby to Sleep Through The Night

How much sleep do babies need, anyway?

Well, as my pediatrician suggested, 14-17 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period is what newborns need. And, babies up to one year old still need 12 to 15 hours of total sleep in a 24 hour period.

Unfortunately, many babies just aren’t getting enough sleep.

And, if getting your baby to sleep feels like you need a miracle, I recommend you check out the Baby Sleep Miracle which will actually touch on some of these tips and go into much further detail to help you get your baby to sleep.  If you need to know how to get baby to sleep through the night, you may also need to know what you’re doing wrong.  (Just FYI, I know you’re doing your best, but we all need a little help).

What Makes Your Baby Wake Up During The Night?

I previously shared 11 tips to get baby to sleep, and I find that these 5 factors are great starting points for getting baby to sleep through the night.

1. Wet Diapers

Use a high-quality diaper (sometimes a size larger) that will absorb well and help prevent leaks.  These diapers were my favorites when my babies were newborns.

2. Hunger

You don’t want your child to believe he needs to eat to go to sleep.  Keep your baby awake as much as possible through feeding so he doesn’t rely on food to get back to sleep.

3. Overtired

Learn sleepy signals and put your baby down when you notice them.  Think about how difficult it can be to go to sleep when you’re overtired.  If your baby has already reached the point that they can’t return to sleep

4. Loud Noises

Not that you should keep a completely silent home, certain noises can interrupt your baby’s sleep.

5. Waking Up In A Different Place

Have your baby go to sleep in the same place he will wake up.  Have a routine place for your baby to sleep and may try not to let him fall asleep in your arms and move him to his crib.  He needs to learn to put himself to sleep so he doesn’t cry out for you when you’re not there.

Want to know what you’re doing wrong that your baby won’t sleep through the night?  Or just looking for suggestions you may not have heard before.  Try Baby Sleep Miracle and get a 60 day sleep guarantee!

What were some of your tried and true techniques for getting baby to sleep through the night?

I’d love you to share your tips for any struggling mothers who’d like a bit of extra rest themselves!

How to get baby to sleep through the night. 5 tips for dealing with night wakings and how to get babies to sleep in their own beds, through the night

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