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Improving Motor Skills with Bouncing Bots Game by RoosterFin

by Ivy B

If a game takes a physical skill, I’m likely to lose.  I mean, about the only physical activity I’m even remotely good at is Autocross … driving is totally my thing.

Because I know I’m not athletically inclined, and rather uncoordinated outside of driving cars, I try to expose my children to more physically demanding forms of activity.  I’d hate to pass on my physical incompetence to my kids.  So, we try to round them out a bit.

When I received the invitation to partner with RoosterFin to try their game “Bouncing Bots” I was delighted.  Here’s the legal jargon:  This is a sponsored post created in partnership with RoosterFin and Tomoson.com.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

how we're working on basic math and motor skills with our 6 year old - sponsored post for Bouncing Bots game by RoosterFin | www.sahmplus.com
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As soon as this game arrived, I broke open the box and read the instructions.  Bounce these plastic “bots” on their heads and hope they land on the targets on their flat “spots” (which, from here on out, I’ll call bottoms, because I think of flat spots as a negative thing like a baby who lays on his back too long).  Of course, the object is to get them to land on a numbered space on the target to score points.

Bouncing Bots game by Rooster Fin; Pieces include instructions, 2 targets, 8 bouncing bots - providing family motor skills challenge | www.sahmplus.com

The oldest was at school, the youngest was napping, and hubby was away on travel.  I had the perfect opportunity to test this game out for myself.

Unfortunately, try after try yielded very few results in getting the bots to land on their flat spots.  “Land on your butts, dangit!” I said under my breath after spending several minutes with the uncooperative bots.  After some time, I recognized that I wasn’t doing myself any favors by continuing to pretend I could somehow get the right trajectory to make these suckers land on their bottoms consistently.

These bouncing bots were difficult to get to land flat - so much for scoring. Bouncing Bots by Rooster Fin game review | www.sahmplus.com

I boxed them up and saved them for my husband to try when he returned home.  I knew, if anyone had a shot at figuring out the right angle, it was him!  And, I was right … within moments, he figured it out as best he could.  From that point on, I was watching him as intently as possible until I somewhat grasped the concept.

Bouncing Bots finally upright! Bouncing Bots by RoosterFin Game review | www.sahmplus.com

Once we had the bots mostly figured out, it was time to teach the oldest how to play.

The great part about the Bouncing Bots game is that, aside from motor skills, there are basic math skills involved.  So long as the bots landed on their bottoms and on a numbered spot on the target, you could count points.  The first person to get 9 points wins in the original game play.

More about Bouncing Bots by RoosterFin

Joe is the founder of RoosterFin.  After leaving a career in teaching, he began creating games, incorporating math skills.  You can sign up for RoosterFin emails to hear from them about their games!

Though Bouncing Bots is geared for ages 7 and up, we used it with my 6 year old to help work on dexterity, coordination, and basic math.

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Improve motor skills and dexterity as a family while building basic math skills for younger kids with the Bouncing Bots game by RoosterFin. | Fun and educational family game | www.sahmplus.com


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