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Kids Summer Bucket List: Over 70 Fun Summer Activities {Printable Bucket List}

by Ivy B

So much entertainment and fun activities to choose from on this summer bucket list for kids.

Summer break is right around the corner.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t believe every day should be spent in front of screens.  Everything in moderation right?

Still, it’s not easy to plan a whole summer’s worth of activities sometimes.  Plus, you’ve gotta think about each of your kids who enjoy doing different things.

While I can easily leave my daughter to worksheets and doing whatever craft she comes up with for hours if I let her, my son needs much more direction.

Honestly, I need it too.

So, I compiled a list of over 70 kids summer bucket list activities.  Plus, if you don’t want to come back to this post throughout the summer, I’m offering the list in a free printable for you, too.

My suggestion, if you’re a planner, is to print out blank calendar sheets for the time your kids are out of school.   Plot in some things you already know you want to do and then plug in a few of the activities on this list.

It’ll keep you on track and motivated so that you don’t resort to too much screen time!

Crazy long list of 70+ things to do with kids over the summer. Free printable kids summer bucket list of activity ideas.
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More Than 70 Activities: Kids Summer Bucket List

Before I continue sharing the kids summer bucket list of activities, there’s something I want to mention.

As moms, we have so much on our plates.  When it comes time for planning summer activities, it’s easy to feel like we need to keep the kids busy.

But at what expense?

Usually, our sanity.

I mean, it’s great we want to do so many things with our kids.  I know your kids will appreciate it (for the most part).

But, don’t get so carried away trying to check off every item off the bucket list that you forget to have some down time.  Rest, let the kids get bored, and just snuggle up when you feel like it.

Outdoor Activities

Have a picnic

Watch a sunrise

Watch a sunset

father and daugher playing ball in the yard

Play ball in the yard

Fly a kite

Camp in the backyard


Play tag with friends

blowing bubbles in the summer - kids summer bucket list item

Blow bubbles

Run through sprinklers

Eat a Popsicle

Have a lemonade stand

Plant flowers, vegetables, or fruit

Paint pet rocks

Swim in a pool

Go to the beach

Collect Sea Shells

Build a sand castle

Ride a bike

Catch fireflies

Watch fireworks

Ride a scooter

Play with sidewalk chalk

Slip N Slide

Go to a splash park

At the park - reward ideas for good behavior and filling a reward jar | www.sahmplus.com

Go to a park/playground

Visit a theme park

Have a water balloon fight

Play mini-golf

Play in the rain

Make tie-dyed shirts

Wash a car by hand

Make wishes on dandelions

Go on a nature walk

Roast marshmallows or make s’mores over a fire

Have a water gun fight

Go fishing

Looking at a garden through a hole at the Jacksonville Zoo ( image copyright ivy, sahmplus.com)

Visit the zoo

Play Frisbee

Play hopscotch

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Indoor Activities

Make a bird feeder

Make homemade popsicles

Make homemade ice cream

Build a blanket fort

Sort clothes that don’t fit and donate

Sort toys you don’t use and donate

Make a pie

Make cookies

Go bowling

Child reading a book from the conservative children's book collection from The Tuttle Twins | sahmplus.com

Read a book

Visit the library and borrow books

Make smoothies

Visit an aquarium

Play a game

Make friendship bracelets

Write a story

Ready to use summer journal printable | www.sahmplus.com
© Ivy www.sahmplus.com

Write in a journal

Draw a picture

Color in a coloring book

Make homemade playdough


Make paper bag hand puppets

Make root beer floats

Help cook dinner

Have a pajama and movie day

Take some selfies

Host an ice cream bar

Have a pillow fight

Make and race paper airplanes

Have a puppet show

Have a talent show

Finish a puzzle

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Summer bucket list for kids newsletter signup image

I know there are so many great activities to choose from.  So, if you want to have the list ready, you can download your free Kids Summer Bucket List printable by signing up to my newsletter, here.

I’d love to hear if there are other activities that should be suggested for this list!  What kinds of things do you do over summer break to keep kids busy?

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