Making My Toddler’s Christmas Wishlist

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Since my daughter is only two, making a wish list is more like living vicariously through her and giving her all the things I want to play with.  Let’s be honest, that’s part of the fun of having children, isn’t it?  Well, here are a few items from Melissa & Doug I’d love to put on my Toddler’s Christmas Wishlist.

Since the USPS is still operable, I’d love to be able to teach the little one about mailing things.  It would be cute to have this little Stamp & Sort Mailbox set up next to the door out of the play room.

Melissa & Doug Stamp and Sort Mail Set

I love our plastic play food set that we got cheap, but we’ve had an egg smashed and the little one has learned to squeeze the crap out of the squeeze bottles … I’m afraid some of the plastic pieces are going to be destroyed and she has a few years left to play with them.  Planning ahead, I’d love to get this Wooden Pantry Products Set!

Melissa and Doug Wooden Pantry Products Set

Maybe it’s high aspirations, but I’d love a Doctor Dress Up Set to start our pile of imaginative and dramatic play clothes.  I can’t believe we don’t already have play clothes 😐  I’m slacking! Maybe I better go ahead and order this … forget waiting for Christmas!

Melissa and Doug Doctor Dress Up Set


What would you like to see on your kids’ Christmas wish lists?

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