Pottery Barn Kids Play Rug Alternatives Your Kids Will Still Love

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Check out these Pottery Barn Kids play rug alternatives your kids can have fun.  And they’ll save you hundreds!  These are great gift ideas for kids who like driving cars on play rugs.

One of my favorite memories as a kid was drawing roads on large pieces of paper, then racing our hot wheels around the streets.  My brother and I would spend hours making new tracks, driving the cars around.

My kids don’t have the luxury of having those huge rolls of paper I had as a kid.  So, I have to look for alternative ways for them to play with their hot wheels cars.

As much as I love the appearance of the Pottery Barn Kids play rugs, I can’t fathom spending that kind of money.  So, I decided to seek out more affordable Pottery Barn Kids play rug alternatives to help save me money, but still give my kids the enjoyment of driving their cars on roads.

Pottery Barn Kids Play Rug Alternatives will save you tons of money. And your kids will still have loads of fun | www.sahmplus.com

Your Kids Will Have Fun with These Pottery Barn Kids Play Rug Alternatives

Chuga Chuga Choo Choo!Pottery Barn Kids play rug train tracks

Instead of the Pottery Barn Kids Train Tracks Play Rug, try the Learning Carpets Ride The Train carpet

Let’s Race

Pottery barn kids play rug race car

Swap out the Pottery Barn Kids Race Car Rug for the Melissa & Doug Round the Speedway Race Track Rug.  This is a spectacular deal as it also comes with 4 cars!

Construction Site

Pottery barn kids construction play rug

If you like the Pottery Barn Kids Construction Rug, but aren’t keen on the price, you’ll love the Melissa & Doug Round the Construction Zone Work Site Rug.  Again, you receive the extra value of 3 construction vehicles to go with the rug.

Play in the Park (or around the town)

pottery barn kids play in the park rug

To me, the Pottery Barn Kids Play in the Park Rug looks more like a small town.  Save yourself some dough and choose the Melissa & Doug Round the Town Road Rug and Car Activity Play Set instead.

What’s the best part of these Pottery Barn Kids Play Rug Alternatives?

I can purchase all 4 of the alternatives for about a 1/4 of the price of 1 Pottery Barn Kids Play Rugs!  That’s tons more imaginative fun for the kids and just makes good financial sense.

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