10 Ways to Prepare for Labour and Delivery In Your Third Trimester

by Ivy B
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This is a syndicated guest post from Baby & Beyond.  If you’re in OR nearing your third trimester of pregnancy, you’ll appreciate her tips to help you prepare for labour and delivery.

The third trimester of pregnancy is usually all about last minute preparations and shopping for the baby. While there is a lot of joy and excitement, for a lot of women there is also fear and anxiety about the actual delivery itself. Thankfully there are some things you can do in the third trimester that can help you prepare for labour and delivery.

Prepare for labour and delivery in your 3rd trimester

10 Ways to Prepare for Labour and Delivery In Your 3rd Trimester

1. Stay active

Regular activity not only helps keep you fit, but also help prepare your body for labour and delivery. I stayed active by walking briskly for 30 mins every day and practicing prenatal yoga every other day. Also practice squats regularly because it could help the baby to descend. Do consult with your gynecologist before taking up any exercise routine.

2. Practice paced breathing

Breathing techniques can help you to manage pain and stay calm during labour. I know it sounds funny that I am telling you to “practice breathing”! But there are different paced breathing techniques are recommended through different stages of labour. Make sure you are aware of each of them and practice them for 10 minutes every day.

3. Do your kegels:

Kegel exercises make the pelvic floor muscles strong. Having good control over these muscles can help you push during a contraction.

4. Join an antenatal class:

In case you haven’t already, consider joining anantenatal program which will guide you educate you about labour and childbirth and empower you to have a positive birth experience. Ensure you select the right program which gives you the opportunity to receive expert guidance from gynaecologists, physiotherapists, women’s health educators and diet counselors.

5. Maintain positivity:

Unfortunately most of the labour scenes we watch in movies are overly dramatic and traumatic. They can give you a scary image of labour and that negativity can affect you. Childbirth is a beautiful experience. Surround yourself with positive vibes, positive imagery and positive people. Personally I found that listening to garbha sanskar music really helped me throughout my pregnancy.

pregnant woman resting

6. Get a lot of rest:

I know that this last phase is very hectic with all the last minute planning and shopping, but try to get as much rest as possible too. This will help you stay healthy and positive too.


Get lot of rest; Listen to soothing music to stay calm and positive

7. Choose your birthing partner:

Decide whom you would want with you in the delivery room, who can provide practical and emotional support. Your partner should attend antenatal classes with you to learn how to massage you and help you with breathing and labour exercises.

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8. Visit your birthing center:

Having a visual image of where you will be delivering can help relieve some of your anxiety. You may also get a chance to meet some of the nursing staff beforehand so there are some familiar faces in the delivery room too.

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9. Make your birthing preferences clear:

If you have any specific preferences about induction, epidural, vaginal delivery, episiotomy etc., make sure you discuss it with your gynecologist in advance. Be aware of scenarios in which a cesarean can be avoided so that you do not feel pressured into making any decisions.

10. Monitor your symptoms closely:

Be aware about your baby’s movements. Watch out for any unusual symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, spotting, swelling, Braxton Hicks contractions, etc.Make sure you reach out to your gynecologist if you sense something is irregular, even if it seems like a small thing.

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