Preschool 2013 – Week 4

by Ivy B
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A week in review for Preschool Week 4 from Letter of the Week prep curriculum.

Our week was filled with birthday activities, in-home guests, and prep for Labor Day weekend.  That said, our preschool week was less than exciting.  We were lucky to still make it to the library for the week!

Aside from the photos I’ll be sharing here, we did our typical counting activities (4 kisses, hops, and claps), worked on letter D coloring, and did an eye coloring page.  We stuck heavily to the curriculum recommended books.  While we didn’t get to do much this week, we had made some really good progress on her abilities and the week produced a lot of extra vocabulary!

I walked out of the room momentarily and came back to this little gem:
2 year old traced letter d homemade dry erase page

Do-A-dot painting our number 4 with 4 bumble bees
do-a-dot paint number 4

do a dot painted number 4

My apologies for a lack of content, hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon.  We’ve got a busy couple weeks planned and I can’t guarantee we’ll be back on target right away!

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