Preschool 2013 – Week 5

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Week 5’s curriculum again came from Letter of the Week.  As usual, we stuck heavily to the curriculum outlined and adapted some of our learning activities to what suits my daughter and I.  Come on in and see what our week looked like!

Our book list was mostly the same except for the addition of My five book.

I’d like to start by saying that the lighthouse theme didn’t hold my daughter’s attention.  The books may not be appropriate for her age, although she did end up liking the book The Lighthouse Children. We made it through the week, but it was hard getting her to listen to the books.

Aside from that, we made great progress this week in other areas.  As usual, we counted kisses which seems to be one of the most effective ways to teach baby girl to count.  She’s also done splendidly by trying to say the number 5 – she still doesn’t say most numbers at this point.

Here’s a few images from our week to give you some ideas:

 Mommy built a “lighthouse” with Discovery Toys wooden blocks
building a lighthouse out of wooden blocks

lighthouse coloring activity

We tried to learn to count to 5 with colorful pom poms – maybe put 5 in a cup?
couting with colored pom poms

number 5 on Discovery Toys Measure Up Cup
Counting with tangible items … nope, not with this toddler
toddler counting colored pom poms

More number 5 activities – noticed she’s showing 5 fingers 🙂

number 5 tracing activity handmade dry erase page

show me number 5 with coloring page

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