Screaming Over Splashing Juice

by Ivy B
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We started the morning out as usual.  Morning hugs and kisses, a few giggles, diaper change, and freeing the dog from her cage to head downstairs.  Breakfast selection was made and in the works while the dog was outside to relieve herself.  I gave the kiddo her vitamin, poured her cup of juice, then walked away to let the dog back in the house.  We rarely deviate from the routine in the morning … it’s pretty much auto-pilot except for what Shelby decides she is or isn’t eating for the morning.  Routine … except for today!

screaming toddler, irrational

I walked to the sliding glass door to bring the dog back into the house and I hear S screaming at the top of her lungs as if someone were attempting to murder her.  My mommy brain is now functioning at fight or flight mode and I assess the situation to find out what’s wrong.  Instantly I turn to see her running with her open cup of juice, I hear sloshing, and I’m watching as juice splashes everywhere.

She was seriously screaming about the juice splashing.  A terrifying scream that made hubby run in with worry.  A horrifying scream that made this mommy’s heart skip a beat fearing the worst.  And, all for splashing juice.

spilled milk
Forget crying over spilled milk – we scream over splashing juice!

In a matter of seconds, I had to assess the situation, console a screaming toddler, and work to soak up the splashes out of the carpet.  I truly couldn’t believe her extreme reaction to such a small problem.  What could possibly be so terrifying about juice splashing all over her?

Well, a few minutes later, she was her normal jovial self, so I’ll assume I handled the situation as rationally as I could, despite the irrational nature of the circumstance.

What’s the craziest reaction your kid has ever had to something so ordinary or simple?

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