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ABCMouse.com Review

by Ivy B

I was lucky enough to win a free subscription to ABCmouse.com and thought I would share my experience with you.  I was not compensated for this ABCmouse.com review in any way.  From setting up our account to using the program on a regular basis, here’s what we thought about ABCMouse.

We all know (if you’ve been following along for a while) that I value early childhood education and believe in doing as much as possible to help educate my daughter.  Since she’s not in day care and won’t be attending preschool for about another year, I find resources online to help me structure preschool lessons at home.  To be honest, it’s a tedious task to conduct preschool at home.  I’m not the craftiest or most creative person, so I rely heavily on finding resources online and hope that we have the materials we need for the activities.  This is where my love of online educational games and apps begins.  I was first introduced to Agnitus (read my Agnitus review here) and now ABCMouse!
abcmouse.com review
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ABCmouse.com Review

Set Up

Set up is easy! There’s a 5 minute tutorial which guides the parent through the website features, but there’s no fluff.  You can set up your account by creating information for the parent and up to 3 children in the family.   This process took me about 2 minutes, including customizing the avatar for my daughter.

You can select the level to start your child’s learning from toddler time to Kindergarten.  If you selected something too advanced or too young, you can change this at any time.  Once your setup is complete, you will be taken to a short tour of how to navigate and use ABCmouse.com.

early childhood education with abcmouse.com

ABCmouse.com and Your Child

ABCmouse is for toddlers, preschoolers, and Kindergarten learners.  I’m giving you my experience from the standpoint that my daughter is nearing 3 and I’ve never allowed her to use our computers.  Because she has no experience with a mouse, I opted to have her go through the mouse tutorial so that she could learn to use one.  Two sessions on the mouse tutorial and she was frustrated because she got hung up on thinking she couldn’t click and hold the mouse button to drag objects.

My advice: At this point, I wanted her to go ahead and become acclimated to playing the games and lessons, so I decided we’d go ahead and start.  She saw an option to do puzzles, and this is when she learned to drag items.  If your child is struggling with a certain area, try moving to something that you know will motivate them!

S loved her ABCmouse so much that on the second day of lessons, she was asking for me to turn on “a-b-c mouse dot com.”

toddler learns to use mouse on abcmouse.com


There are many ways to access each of the activities.  Your child can go to the classroom and do the learning path to be guided through sequential activities or they can choose to do any of the activities they feel like at the moment.  S seems to like doing both.
  • Puzzles – various puzzles of animals, alphabet, numbers, sentences, and more.  You can customize the difficulty levels of the puzzles to suit the child’s needs.  Easiest allows child to click to send pieces to their spaces, while harder settings require the child to master the click and drag features and work on placing pieces with more precision.
  • Songs/Chants – Customization options include a bouncing ball to help your child follow along with the songs.
  • Coloring/Painting – S loves these because they allow her to be creative – choosing different types of coloring & painting tools as well as the colors.
  • Books – Can be read aloud and we customize the reading to include highlighting the words.
  • Games – various games to practice all the different skills
number animal puzzle on abcmouse.com
“ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy’s preschool curriculum focuses on important basics in the four main curriculum subjects of Reading, Math, World Around Us (beginning science and social studies), as well as Art & Colors, establishing a foundation of knowledge for young children that they can build upon with confidence and success.”


Aside from the learning path activities, Shelby has the ability to

  • Play with, learn about, and care for various pets.
  • Purchase pets, toys, and more with the tickets earned.
And, the site offers printables to help continue the learning offline.
Subjects in reading, math, art, and the world around us are included in the curriculum, which is offered for

More Information

At the time of writing this, ABCmouse.com typically offers your first month free!  The monthly subscription rate is set at $9.95/month.  However, I did, at one time ,stumble on an annual subscription pricing page set at $79 for a year or $99 for two years.  Both are great offers!
Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this system.  Shelby requests “ABC Mouse dot com” on a daily basis.  I’ve noticed that her proficiency with the mouse has greatly improved and she’s really starting to interact with the songs and games.  She’s constantly motivated by the ticket reward system and the prizes given out at the end of a full lesson.

As always, I continue to recommend that you limit your child’s screen time and be sure to monitor their computer usage.  While I love the program, I don’t believe this should be your child’s only source of education … you should interact and follow along so that you can build on the skills they are learning while they’re offline

What did you think of my ABCmouse.com Review?  Ready to try it?

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