Story of Girl, Dog Attack Victim, Thrown Out of KFC May Be False

by Ivy B
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How many of you heard the story about the little girl thrown out of KFC for “scaring” the others customers with her facial scars left after being attacked by dogs?

Victoria story falsified
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When I first heard the story, I was saddened to think anyone could be so cruel to a young child.  As a mom, I was infuriated by the KFC employee’s ignorance and insensitivity.  My daughter is going on three, the age of little Victoria in the story, and I couldn’t imagine the damage that this kind of treatment could cause short and long term and it broke my heart.  The poor girl and her family already suffered so much after being attacked by dogs.  But then, I found out that the story may be falsified.
According to a post written by, the story may be a sham.  To summarize, they’re placing Victoria at a children’s hospital on the date that the grandmother alleges the incident occurs, store video reviews for the day don’t appear to find children matching Victoria’s description, and no orders were placed matching her story of mashed potatoes and sweet tea.  KFC hired an external investigator, and investigations are ongoing.  While they haven’t made any conclusions, it seems there’s plenty of evidence suggesting this event never occurred.

Assuming the story is completely false, these things infuriate me:

  • The family has since racked up over $130k in donations and gifts, plus receiving free surgery.  It always seems good people are taken advantage of.  I feel sorry for the people kind enough to want to help only to find out that it may have been a ploy to gain extra attention and to rack up more donations than their funding site was getting before publicity.  
  • The store managers and employees suffered a great deal of stress.  It was reported that they had drinks thrown at them and were receiving death threats.  To be honest, even if the story weren’t a hoax, I don’t think it appropriate to publicize such things that cause these people stress or potential harm.
  • What are you teaching this child?  Lying for financial gain is okay? Essentially, she could learn to get things we want, we have to prey on people who have a big heart.  Simply teaching her to lie at all just isn’t right.  I know my almost 3 year old understands more than we give her credit for sometimes, so I know that she’s picking up on what we’re saying or doing.  As a responsibility to my child to become a good upstanding citizen, I wouldn’t want to teach her to take advantage of situations and people for our own gain.
I, for Victoria’s sake, hope that this story isn’t a hoax as suggested by the media.  Fortunately, I’m not naive enough to simply believe everything I see posted on Facebook.  I’m not a bleeding heart that goes throwing money at every “cause” on the Internet, and it’s cases like this that are a good reason not to believe it all.
What are your thoughts on the story?

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