Top 5 Funny Breastfed Infant Bodysuits

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Where are my breastfeeders at?  After struggling with breastfeeding my first, and being afraid to breastfeed again, I’m proud to say we’ve had quite a bit of success.  Even though I wanted to quit many times, I persevered.  We’ve gotten through some difficult times and I’m finally able to see the funny side of breastfeeding now.  Between gymnurstics and the fact my son likes to try to show off his milk source, it’s actually pretty entertaining.

After the first couple months, the boy decided that he would no longer drink milk unless it was straight from the tap.  I’m not sure what happened, but he used to take a bottle.  I found the whole situation ironic, since I hadn’t really wanted to breastfeed again.  So, I thought, why not check out some funny breastfed infant bodysuits.  I hope to make you giggle at least once today!

funny breastfed infant bodysuits

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Top 5 Funny Breastfed Infant Bodysuits

We’ll work our way down to #1.  I’m going to include a tweet option for every one of them… Be sure to tweet your favorite!

5. Boobie Monster (Cookie Monster Parody)

4. Silly Daddy, Boobs are for babies

3. I don’t always drink milk, but when I do …

2. I cry and her top comes off

And the one that makes me laugh the most ….

1. I’m not just milk drunk, I’m tit faced

What do you think?  Have you seen any other breastfed infant bodysuits I should have listed?  P.S. – If you like them, do share this post! Thank you!

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