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2016 in Review: Top 5 Posts from SAHM Plus…

by Ivy B

2016 was a pretty good freaking year.  My daughter turned 5, started Kindergarten, and my son turned 1.  I’ve been married 8 years … and hubby and I realized we got past the “7 year itch” without much of a thought.  That’s pretty cool.  There were plenty of ups and downs, but I survived another year.  This time with not 1 but 2 high-need kids.  (No, not all babies are high needs.  But, that’s a completely different subject for another post).  That’s an amazing feat.

You know what?  I did all that while launching my new site!  Re-branding from a blog I was no longer fond of to this one.  Learning a whole new blogging platform and how to better network.  What a year!  I’m so proud of myself for taking the leap back to blogging, after thinking it was going to be another year before I returned.

To celebrate, I want to share the best of 2016 in my blogging world.

top 5 posts and 5 more favorites blog posts from SAHM plus
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2016 in Review: Top 5 posts from SAHM, plus…

These are the 5 posts that had the most page views in 2016.

5. Top 5 Funny Breastfed Infant Bodysuits

I share 5 hilarious bodysuits for the breastfed infant.

4. What I learned from the Consequence and Reward Jar

After instilling a consequence and reward jar system for my 5 year old’s bad behavior, I learned something about myself.

3. How I escaped labor induction (and medical interventions) when my son was 13 days late

My son, no kidding, had lodged himself on a bone in my pelvis.  Being 13 days late was a trial emotionally and physically.  But, I escaped induction and subsequent interventions!

2. Why I urge you not to take the epidural during labor

Having been through 2 natural childbirths, I can vouch that it’s worth every moment.  There are good reasons not to take the epidural.

1. 8 things to do while you’re pregnant.

Before you have your baby, make sure you do these 8 things to prepare.

2016 in Review: My personal favorites

While the top 5 have the most views, I have a few that were my personal favorites.  The following are posts I really felt connected to or had a lot of meaning to me.  These are in no particular order … because I really don’t know which is my favorite!

See #3 in the list above – 13 days past my due date.

That’s got a ton of meaning, and hopefully encourages other women to trust their bodies!

How to support your pregnant friend’s birth plan

Your parenting is in question as early as the moment people find out you’re pregnant.  I found that discussing my birth plan was surrounded by negativity, perpetuating myths, and creating fear.  I share how people should support birth plans!

Changing bad behavior with consequence and reward jars

Having struggled with my daughter’s bad behavior and excessive whining, this was the only thing that worked for me.  I give some details about how to make it work!

One thing your husband wants you to know about being a mom

There’s one thing you need to know about being a mom.  The answer may surprise you, but it shouldn’t.

Finally, simple self-care tips for mom

You’re a mom and I know all too well how busy you are!  Finding time to take care of yourself seems like a difficult undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.  I share a few simple ways to care for yourself without taking much time.

2016 in review.  Top 5 posts and 5 faves from SAHM plus...

Share your 2016 in review!  And, did you have a favorite post this year?

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