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7 Ways My Roomba is Like Another Baby

by Ivy B

I received an iRobot Roomba about 3 years ago for the first Christmas in our new 2 story house.  I’d lamented to my husband that I was going to be spending an awful lot of time sweeping or vacuuming because we had a LOT of tile.  Though I’m not a fanatic about having a super clean house, I do have an issue with feeling dirt particles on my feet.  And, no, I wasn’t going to walk around the house with shoes all the time.  I was thrilled to get this great gift and I’ve had it run every week day we’ve had it, unless it starts to get on my nerves.  Really, having another baby in the house has made me realize just how much the Roomba is like another baby.

So, let’s get down to the fun of comparing Roombas to babies…

roomba is like a baby
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7 Ways My Roomba is Like Another Baby

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  1. It eats things it shouldn’t.  Okay, that’s my fault.  Sometimes its S’s fault.  Either way, I’ve had to pull paper, ribbons, cords, and small toys from its mouth.
  2. It gets stuck.  On occasion, I hear it going on about something and I have to rescue it from somewhere … like, under the rocker, at the glass door frame.
  3. It gets into places it shouldn’t.   Over time, my Roomba figured out how to get under the kitchen cabinets.  Figured out = broke the rubber molding under the cabinets.
  4. It forgets to go to bed.  “But, I wasn’t tired.”  I have come home to it sleeping on the floor in the playroom.  Have too much fun while mommy was gone, did ya?
  5. It locks itself in a room.  The Roomba often shuts itself in the guest bathroom and can’t get out.  And, just like a small child, it’s not easy to get it to move away from the door to let it out.
  6. I can put it on a schedule.  And, I can interrupt its schedule, anytime I please… I mean … when it’s necessary.
  7. Some days, it’s into everything.  And, like my son, I have to chase it around to keep from sucking up everything in its path.

    Here, the Roomba got stuck under a shelf in the playroom

    Here, the Roomba got stuck under a shelf in the playroom

Aside from all the painfully familiar reasons the Roomba is like having another baby in the house, there are some reasons I’d prefer having a Roomba over another baby.

5 Ways My Roomba is Better than Having Another Baby

  1. I can put it to bed and walk away.  When I’m tired of chasing it, I can just put it to bed and do whatever I want.
  2. It doesn’t cry all day.  And if it whines about getting stuck… I can either move it or put it to bed.
  3. It cleans up after everyone.  Thank goodness someone cleans up around here.
  4. I don’t have to cook for it.  It’s even better than having a dog … no remembering to feed it.
  5. I can put it on a schedule.   Unlike a baby, I can generally expect it to go according to plan.

I wish I had realized early that having a Roomba was like having another baby in the house.  I might have reconsidered having baby #2.  And maybe I could have convinced hubby to buy me a second Roomba for the upstairs.  All joking aside, I love my two babies, but sometimes I don’t exactly love my Roomba for having some of the same qualities as a baby.  Plus, it’s not like it’s ever going to grow out of this phase.  So, in a few years I’ll have 2 teenagers and a really old baby.

If, after you have weighed the pros and cons of having a Roomba (or another baby in the house), you should use this handy affiliate link (I will earn a commission) to purchase a Roomba.

What did I miss?  How is a Roomba similar to a baby?

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Herchel Scruggs October 11, 2016 - 8:25 pm

I need one of those. I would probably pick up clutter more often if I knew that things was going around and eating stuff off the floor lol

Ivy B October 11, 2016 - 8:30 pm

HAHA, It does make you run around the house checking that things aren’t on the floor … and protecting things you don’t want it to break. Still, I totally recommend it, and I want one for upstairs.

Jill Robbins October 11, 2016 - 10:09 pm

I’m on the fence on whether I want one. I’m afraid it will traumatize my cat and afraid of what my kids will do to it when I’m not watching!!!

Ivy B October 12, 2016 - 10:27 am

It seems pretty tough, so I wouldn’t worry about what happens to it as much as I might worry about the cat. I agree it could be bad for kitty. It’s taken my 5 year old a long time to come to terms with it running around the house. She’s wary of it coming near her, but at least she no longer cries if it’s on. Could be worse for kitty.

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