Why I’m Still Proud of the Baltimore Mom Controlling Her Rioting Son

by Ivy B
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I admit two things when I saw the video of this Baltimore mother who was angry that her son was involved in the rioting.  The first, is that I was cheering her on, because I was glad to see that at least one mother was taking responsibility for her child’s actions.  Secondly, I was a little perturbed that she was repeatedly hitting him.  Still, some of the remarks on social media and blog posts regarding the instance hit a nerve with me.

I sat down and read a post from a mom blogger who believed that we shouldn’t be applauding this mother for her abusing her son.  This particular blogger also quoted another blogger on how a “peaceful parent” would handle their child in the midst of rioting.  Further, she states that America needs more “bleeding hearts” like herself.  Before I express my opinions on this matter, you can read up on the post about the so-called “abusive mother.”

My rebuttal is as follows:

Perhaps the mom isn’t “Mother of the Year,” but I was happy to see a parent that gave a crap about what her child was doing.  I didn’t care what her motive was, whether she was concerned about his safety, the safety of others, or felt as though he needed to express himself in a more appropriate manner, or if she simply wanted to keep him out of jail.  SHE CARED enough to get out there and put herself in harm’s way.

I don’t completely understand people being against the use of force.  At what point do you realize that trying to talk sense into someone rationally and calmly isn’t going to make a bit of difference.  In fact, I find it funny that these so called “peaceful parents” think they know what they’d do when their children are in the midst of a violent riot.   Further, how do they know for certainty that they’re not going to be angry that their child is choosing to participate in the violence?  It’s naive to think you know how to handle something where your child’s life is at risk … where your child is RISKING his or her life.  You don’t, I don’t.  There’s not one person who could tell me with any degree of certainty what would be going through their mind or how they would handle themselves in a time of crisis and violence without ever having been through it.  It’s great to fantasize how well we’d handle things, but we don’t know until we’re there!

The idea that you’d stand there with your child in the midst of rioting to protect him/her or be there until his final moments on earth puts you and the rest of your family in danger.  What if you’re taken out with the one rioting son, leaving behind your spouse and other children?  Did you think about that?  Which brings me to the idea that you believe we “need more bleeding hearts in America.”

I’ve always believed that it’s the Bleeding Hearts that allow the people of America to continue to cry, whine, and believe they’re entitled to whatever their hearts desire.  When you’re bending over backwards for one person, you’re likely sacrificing another person’s feelings of entitlement.  Who’s right?  Not one person over the other, if you ask me.  Just like the case of the Christian bakery who wouldn’t provide cupcakes for a lesbian wedding.  Why are the lesbians allowed to ruin a Christian couple’s livelihood?  What makes their feeling of entitlement any better than the Christian’s beliefs?  Nothing.  You see, there’s bleeding hearts at work destroying lives and giving others things they don’t actually “deserve”.  Being gay doesn’t trump someones religious practices.  And before you jump my sh*t, I want to make it clear I don’t stand for EITHER party.

I’m not a bleeding heart because I’m too busy being logical!  I believe everyone should be able to believe what they want and not be persecuted for it if they aren’t causing you and real pain.  If someone doesn’t want your business, give your money to someone who DOES.  You don’t deserve some ridiculous settlement for tons of money!  It’s OKAY to be told NO every now and again.  It’s just another opportunity to seek out a YES!  We all need to learn that not everything goes our way.  Mature adults learn to suck it up and move on.  Mature adults find compromise to get something they want, not destroy someone, or their business, when things don’t go their way.

I’m happy to see a mom out there trying to do her best to get her son in line.  Maybe she’s not Mother of the Year.  Maybe she’s abusive (I wouldn’t begin to presume to know her life outside of one short video).  Perhaps she was frightened for her son and she didn’t know how to react, so that’s what she did.  Honestly, it’s not like she could pick him up and take him to his room for time out.  She realized it was her responsibility as a parent to get control of him.  Maybe she doesn’t believe he’s old enough or mature enough to make stupid decisions on his own.  And truthfully, a few smacks is a minor consequence of his actions compared to what he could face for attacking officers.


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