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10 Awesome Gifts Guys Actually Want

by Ivy B

This is a guest post by Jack Prenter! Jack Prenter is the founder and editor of the men’s lifestyle magazine KnownMan. He’s originally from the UK but now lives primarily in Toronto. He’s passionate about making the most of life and helping others to do the same.

We’ve all been there, you wake up and realize it’s only a few days until your guys birthday and you haven’t got him anything yet. So, like the rest of us, you hop online and Google it and find out that every list is filled with socks, keychains, and beer cozies. It’s 2017 people, guys have complex interests and yes, we do love beer, but there are better ideas out there.

10 Gifts Guys Actually Want

concert tickets | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com
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1. Concert or sports game

One of the best presents any of us can get is the opportunity to spend time with the people that we love. An experience is often a much better gift that an object and almost everybody loves music. Taking him to see one of his favorite acts likely won’t cost as much as you’d think and he’ll remember it for years to come.

race car | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

2. Race a supercar

Even if your guy isn’t a motor-head, there’s a good chance that he’d enjoy racing a car around a track at 160mph. Track days are available across the World and are a great way to spend an afternoon. This gift is so unique that it’ll likely be the only time he ever does it, but after feeling all that adrenaline there’s a good chance he’ll want to go again! Find out more here.

electric shaver | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

3. Electric shaver

If your man is still shaving with razors then you need to help him level-up. Electric shavers are reasonably priced and can often work out cheaper than disposable or cartridge razors over the years. Most men shave every day and it can feel like a chore if you’re using outdated tech or a razor that feels horrible against your skin. Check out some of the best shavers here.

 custom shirts | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

4. Custom shirts

Buying clothing can often be a risky gift unless you know exactly what they like. However, stores like Indochino mean that your guy can go in and get custom shirts at a reasonable price. Not only that, but it turns the gift into an experience and since most men aren’t willing to spend that much on their clothing, it’s a luxury splurge that makes them feel important.

cologne | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

5. Cologne

Cologne can be risky if you now that he’s selective about his fragrances, however, cologne makes a great gift because you know that he’ll use it and feel good when he does. If you’re looking for a solid fragrance then consider; Code Pour Homme by Armani, Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani or La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. All of these are traditionally masculine scents that have proved popular but don’t follow trends and will, therefore, be a great scent for years to come.

leather bag | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

6. Leather bag

Too many men stick to backpacks and whilst they can be convenient, they should have been left in high school. A good quality leather bag doesn’t need to cost a lot, but it can change your appearance completely and make you feel fantastic. I have a black leather messenger bag from Ted Baker that’s gorgeous and feel luxurious, but you might also consider brands like; Samsonite, Kenneth Cole or Saddleback Leather.

leather gloves | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

7. Leather gloves

Unless you live in a state that’s hot all year round, there’s a good chance that he’ll be wearing a coat and gloves for a few months each year. As a man, he should trade out those cheap wool gloves and upgrade to a comfortable pair of leather gloves. Most people don’t really ‘get’ leather gloves until they try them on, they are extremely comfortable and make you feel sexy. If it’s particularly cold, you might consider getting a fur lined pair. Consider brands such as; Red Wing, H&M, Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, Coach or Paul Smith.

headphones | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

8. Headphones

Everyone listens to music, but there’s no better way to ruin a song that a low-quality pair of headphones that make the bass sound pathetic and high notes sound tinny. Just like the gloves, it’s hard to realize what you’ve been missing until you try a quality pair of headphones that make the music true to note. Headphones have come down in price over the past decade and you no longer have to spend hundreds to find a good pair and whilst the top pairs are as expensive as ever, there are great choices in all price ranges. Avoid the popular brands like Beats Headphones and stick to tried and true brands such as; Sennheiser, Bose, Sony and Audio-Technica.

books | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

9. Books

Most people like to read if they have the time and those who say they don’t just haven’t found the right book! A book is a safe gift and an excellent choice for anyone who is on a budget. Take a look at this list of books for men and see if you can find something that you think your man will find interesting.

day of pampering | gifts guys actually want | guest post www.sahmplus.com

10. Pamper day

Men enjoy getting pampered just as much as women and booking a massage for your man is probably cheaper than you might imagine. If you’ve got a larger budget you could consider taking him for a full spa day and letting him get some much-deserved relaxation time. If the gift is for your husband or boyfriend, you could easily make this into a fun couples activity and book an overnight package if your budget allows. However, as with most gifts, there are options for all price ranges and your man is sure to enjoy the experience regardless of how much you spend.

10 awesome gifts for men | gifts guys actually want | guest post | www.sahmplus.com

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