6 Delightful Wine Glasses that Will Actually Amuse Mom

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Funny wine glasses for moms in the thick of it.  You’ll love these cute wine glasses for moms so much you’ll want them for yourself, and a few extra as gifts for your mom friends!

On our last vacation, I started drinking again.  Not sure why I thought going on a mountain vacation with young children was a good idea.  It really wasn’t!  We had some amazing new experiences and saw sights we couldn’t see on our typical theme park vacations.  We even had some fun times.

But, this years’ vacation felt like anything but fun.  I’m pretty sure I came back more stressed than when we had left.

The toddler was going through an extra clingy phase and my daughter seemed overly materialistic and needy.  It felt like I wasn’t getting a break from either of them.  And, just when one would act right, the other would find a reason to whine.  This brought me to drinking wine every night.  And, now I’m a reformed non-drinker.

In the spirit of drinking as we get through the thick of it, I thought it would be awesome to share some funny wine glasses for moms.  I know you’ll love them!

Dear mom in the thick of it, I know raising kids isn't always fun. "Mommin' is hard" they say. I get it! But, having your liquid therapy at the end of the day doesn't have to be so serious! 6 funny wine glasses for moms! www.sahmplus.com

Funny Wine Glasses for Moms

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This one rings true …

Mary Square 20234 Because Kids 12oz Stemless Wine Glass

Yeah, I’ve totally lied to the kids about my mom juice.  And then the little girl asks “can I try some?”  Oy, foiled again!  “Sorry honey, it’s an adult beverage, not for kids.”  Ensue pouting …

Funny Mom Juice Wine Glass, 17oz

Every day I say this.  Well … I actually don’t but I feel it and you know how true this is!

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Funny Wine Glass- 12.75 oz. – Novelty Gift for Mom, Women, Friends or Her – Made in USA

You know, because we all need a little therapy.

Mom’s Therapy Funny Stemless Wine Glass 17 Ounce Creative Idea for Her Humorous Present For Your Mom Wife Girlfriend Sister Friend Coworker Daughter or Bath Lover

This one actually needs the sippy cup top … do they make one for wine glasses?  Guess I’ve gotta do some research …

My Sippy Cup Funny Novelty Wine Glass- 12.75 oz. – Gift for Mom, Women, Friends or Her – Made in USA

And, because I don’t have prescription medicine to help me deal with these kids …

Mommy Medicine Funny Wine Glass 13 oz – Best Birthday Gifts For Mom – Unique Gift For Her – Novelty Christmas Present Idea For Mother from Son or Daughter – Perfect For Women, Bride, New Wife, Sister

Oh, and just because I can’t drink wine all day (at least not with a good conscience), I picked up this awesome cork coaster on vacation.

Humorous Cork Coaster – COFFEE keeps me going until it’s time for WINE

funny sayings for moms who like to drink wine (and coffee). A funny cork coaster about coffee and wine

Do you have a funny wine glass? Or do you have a different liquid therapy?


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