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9 Terrific Mom-Approved Subscription Boxes for Toddlers

by Ivy B

Is it hard to shop for (or with) your toddler?  I’m loving these subscription boxes for toddlers right now.  There’s books, educational activities, and stylish clothing to be found here.

I don’t have time to shop for everything at all times.  I’m a busy mom.  Sometimes I just want someone to hand us whatever it is we need or are looking for at the moment and be done.  Between research, prices, and decisions, shopping for toddlers and finding fun books and activities can be somewhat of a pain.

I’m currently interested in subscription boxes for every aspect at home.  It started with my Ecocentric Mom box and I’m becoming obsessed with putting subscription boxes on my wishlist.  Now, it’s spilling over to my children’s wishlists because I’m finding so many wonderful subscription services these days.

Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time the kids received something in the mail.  Anytime they do, they smile from ear to ear.  There’s something magical about receiving your own mail as a kid.  Not so much as an adult when mail becomes bills and sales flyers.  But, subscription boxes can change that for us all, can’t it?

So, I thought I’d round up a few recommendations for the best subscription boxes for toddlers.  These are the best ones I’ve found and they range from educational activities and books, to stylish indie clothing and accessories.  You’re sure to find a subscription there that will delight your toddler.

This guide for moms offers 9 best subscription boxes for toddlers
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Subscription Boxes for Toddlers

I hope you find the following information useful in selecting a toddler-friendly subscription box!  I know, in our experience, my kids have loved receiving subscription boxes and magazines throughout the year.  Between having activities delivered on a monthly basis and receiving their own mail, subscription boxes make great non-toy gift ideas.

I’ve done my best to provide as much information as I can find on each of the subscriptions to help you determine which one is right for your toddler.  And, I’ve also added discount codes if I could find them, because who doesn’t like saving a little money?  Am I right?

Cricket Crate

You’ve probably heard of the popular Kiwi Crate for young children, right?

Well, not too long ago, Kiwi Co came up with the Cricket Crate, which is designed for ages 0 – 36 months.  Each box comes with:

  • projects that are appropriate for your toddler’s age
  • Wonder magazine for parents to learn about and boost their baby’s development
  • Online Resources for more activity and book recommendations
  • And, a board book with a bookmark to offer literacy tips

Pricing ranges from $19.95 per month (on a monthly plan) or as low as $16.95 per month when you pay annually.

The Cricket Crate can be easily gifted and can be cancelled at any time.

Use code COUPON30 to receive 30% off your first month of any Kiwi Co Product.


If you’re a fan of books, like me, building your toddler’s library may be a priority.  As much as I may like visiting the library with my toddler and borrowing books, I also love having a large bookshelf for my kids at home to always have books available.  But, sometimes it can be difficult selecting a new book, especially if your toddler is trying to get in on the purchasing decision.  You know … he’s likely handing you tons of books and won’t make an actual decision on just one.

BookRoo is going to do the work for you by curating age-appropriate books for your toddler.  You and the tot just sit back and enjoy the monthly delivery of new books.  While BookRoo offers monthly subscriptions for ages 0 to 10 years, there are two selections to choose from for your toddler.

The monthly Board Books option is geared to babies and toddlers ages 0 – 3 years.  It comes with 3 board books every month geared to tiny tots with shorter attention spans.

The monthly Picture Books option is for ages 2 – 6 years.  This subscription will include 2 picture books for little ones with longer attention spans and those who may be entering early reading abilities.

If you have kids that span in separate book options, they give you the chance to alternate between book options each month when you sign up.  Alternatively, contact BookRoo if you would like both kids to receive their own monthly subscriptions and they’ll give you 15% off the second subscription (a sibling discount if you will).  See the BookRoo FAQ’s to learn more.

The cool thing about BookRoo is that they individually wrap the books in recyclable and eco-friendly wrapping paper, so it’s like your child is receiving a gift every month, just to build the excitement that already comes with receiving his or her own mail!

Prices vary based on whether you’re buying for yourself or gifting.  Oddly enough, making a personal purchase is less expensive, however, you have all three book options available.  As a gifter, you’re limited to two options and the price is higher.  I’m uncertain why it’s more expensive as a gifter.

Personal purchase pricing can be as low as $16.95/mo if you choose to pay 12 months in advance, with other subscription plans and your book choice options changing the price of the subscription as well.

Additionally, they do have a credit policy if you receive a book you already own.   You should check that out here.

Get 15% off your order with code BOOKS2LOVE when you subscribe with BookRoo


This subscription box service offers curated products based on your child’s age and gender.  Bluum proudly presents their boxes for busy parents who don’t have the time to research every aspect of purchases for their toddlers.  The moms who run Bluum will do the research for you to choose new products to make life with your toddler easier, more fun, and in some ways, more healthy by finding natural products.

You can expect to receive books, toys, natural home and body care items, and accessories in your monthly subscription, chosen with your child’s age and gender in mind.  Because they’re certain you’ll love your items, they do not offer a swap-out option for your items.

You’ll receive a sneak-peek email every month to help build your excitement for your toddler’s upcoming box.

Bluum boxes start at $34/ month if you pay on a monthly basis.  They also offer a 6 month plan (billed every 6 months) for $186 or a 12 month plan (billed annually, and offers the largest discount) at $348.

Use code BABO for a free gift (while supplies last) AND a free box with a 6 or 12 month subscription!

HOOT for Kids

Not that we need more toys, but I love how HOOT for Kids does more than just send a box of toys every month to your kids ages Newborn to 6 years!

Your toddler’s subscription is called a “treasure box” which comes with 3 or more toys that are picked especially for his or her developmental stages.  Once you place your subscription order with HOOT for Kids, you fill out a questionnaire about your toddler to help them choose the most appropriate toys to include in the treasure box.

When your toddler’s treasures arrive, you’ll be delighted to find that a personalized activity sheet is included to maximize the potential of the chosen toys.

Addtionally, as a member, you can download more activities AND and special add-ons if want something specific or your child is celebrating a birthday.  Your add-ons will arrive with your shipment.

I think one of the best features is that the plans don’t automatically renew unless you’ve selected otherwise!  I haven’t found most subscription box companies to do this.

Pricing starts at $34.99 per month for an individual box with a middle tier and offers a 6 month plan that makes your box about $32/mo.  There’s an upgrade option to receive an additional toy in each box for an extra $5 per month as well.

You may be offered 10% off if you join the HOOT for Kids Email Newsletter

Green Kid Crafts

The Green Kid Crafts Junior Discovery Box is geared to ages 2 to 4 years and comes with 4 to 8 STEAM activities and the project materials to complete them.

Green Kid Crafts is an award winning STEAM subscription box service and provides quality activities with amazing instructions to help guide you and your toddler through the crafts.

If you’re an eco-friendly-minded mom, you’ll love to know that their boxes are 100% recycled.  And, they try to incorporate eco-consciousness into their monthly themes, as much as possible.  As a semi-“crunchy” mom myself, I can really appreciate this aspect of the service.

You can choose to pay monthly at $19.95/mo, but you’ll save the most by choosing an annual plan making the monthly cost $17.95.  They also offer 3- and 6-month plans that will save you over the monthly plan.

Little Learners Busy Box

This cool subscription box is available through Cratejoy.

A former teacher turned homeschool mom created the Little Learners Busy Box for busy moms who want fun and educational activities for their toddlers, but don’t have the time to research, prep, and do!  Geared to ages 2 to 4 years, Little Learners Busy Box comes with 5 or more done for you activities that can be mixed and matched to create over 30 activities.  That’s tons of fun activities delivered every month with no prep time requirements on mom.  As an overwhelmed mom myself, I love anything that comes ready for fun.

The creator smartly packages each box in a reusable storage box for use again and again to build and reinforce preschool skills for your toddler.

Prices can be as low as $20/month if you choose the 6 month plan.  If you join Honey and download their chrome extension, it will help you locate coupons available for use on Cratejoy.

Check out Little Learners Busy Box on Cratejoy

Smockbox, little style sent!

For parents who value small shops and natural toys, Smockbox is for you!

This toddler subscription box includes 4-8 surprise items that includes indie and small shop kids fashion and natural, age-appropriate toys.  According to their listing, every box comes with one outfit, toy, an accessory, and a bunny storage bag.

While on the higher end of subscription boxes for toddlers, it touts that for your $65, you’ll receive a value of $80 or more.

Use code CRATEJOY10 to get 10% off any subscription term

Murphy’s Bulk Books

As much as I love books, I often can’t stomach the prices!  You’ll rarely find me purchasing new books because kids aren’t going to care for them and they’ll end up looking nearly as bad as the perfectly good used books we often buy.  The library book sales are how we’ve amassed a large child’s library at home with very little money investment.  Going to a library book sale with two kids, though?  Those days are over for a little while!

Murphy’s Bulk Books is another Cratejoy gem, offered by a book store in Dayton, OH.  They offer several book tiers, but the first is the Board Books option, which they claim means you receive more books per box.  In each monthly box, you’ll receive pre-loved children’s books in good to like new condition, according to the seller.

Plus, for every box they sell, they’ll give one away to those in need.  This is a really sweet subscription box to purchase if you’re wanting to practice a bit of philanthropy while also teaching your children that not everything we own has to be new.

Pricing for a Murphy’s Bulk Books subscription is around $35.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a discount code at this time.

Hoppi Box

If you like high-quality, natural, eco-friendly and sustainable toys, you’re going to love the Hoppi Box subscription service for your toddler!

An expert will curate some amazing toys specifically for your child’s age and developmental stage.  This will take the guess-work out of what to buy for your toddler, which is something I struggle with on occasion myself.

Instead of receiving a monthly box, Hoppi Box ships a box once every three months.  Their pricing is $75 for the 3 months, which sounds high, but when you break it down, it comes to $25 every month.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate a coupon for this box either.

I hope you loved all the options I’ve shared to help you choose the best subscription boxes for toddlers!  There’s so many available these days, I feel as though you’re bound to find something perfectly suited for your toddler’s personality or your personal values.

No matter what you choose, your toddler is going to love receiving new surprises every month.  Plus, it may make for a very exciting walk to the mailbox at least once a month.

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Tell me: what are your favorite subscription boxes for toddlers?

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