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A sippy cup worth trying

by Ivy B

It took us forever to find a sippy cup that my daughter would use – in the end, we had to take away the bottles before she was weaned.
Once we passed that hurdle, we had to settle on a sippy cup that she’d accept for all beverages.  Turns out her cup of choice was the Playtex Twist N Click! 
They come in several varieties, but we currently use the spout variety.  They have these great spill-proof valves that only release liquid when your child is drinking.  My daughter runs around with these dropping, throwing, and setting them down all over the house during the day.  On rare occasions, it seems as though air may get trapped and spurt a minimal amount of liquid out of the spout, though overall, a rare problem to contend with.
We have both the gripper (non-insultated) and the Insulator cups.  We love both,but for travel, our Insulator cups fit more easily into our diaper bag single bottle compartments 😉

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