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Baby Book Review -“Counting Kisses” by Karen Katz

by Ivy B

Reading books is one of Shelby’s favorite things – often if she’s gone off and gotten quiet, I know to look for her in her room amongst the pile of books she’ll have pulled from her bookshelf.  I try to read quite a bit to her, but it’s our ritual to read a book or two every night before bed.
As is custom, I pick a book or two and read to Shelby, that is, until recently, she has started to become much more demanding about picking the book for me.  Tonight’s pick was “Counting Kisses” by Karen Katz.
This super cute book counts down from 10, so there’s 10 different scenarios for kisses before baby goes to bed starting with 10 kisses on baby’s toes.  It’s quite hard to kiss a baby sitting in your lap, so I touch the areas each page describes and make kissing noises.  I think Shelby chose this book tonight because it gets her to giggle when I “kiss” her knees, belly button, and chin.
I love it because those last few giggles help to get the rest of her energy out and makes me feel like she’s more ready for bed.  When Shelby was much smaller, she didn’t understand the concept, but I felt like it was a great book to help her begin understanding body parts and hopefully to grasp counting sooner.  That is left to be seen as she’s still just 13 months.
This is a very cute book, and certainly offers great bonding time when you can bring reading and kisses together as your little one giggles in your lap.
I can say I’m so very glad I bought this book and it’s one of my favorites to read to her at night.
What is one of your favorite bed time books for a little one?

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