5 Best Reward Jars and Charts You Can Buy

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I’ve spoken several times about our need for improving my daughter’s behavior.  I’ve also shared how we’ve used consequence and reward jars to improve things and what I’ve learned from the system.

An integral part of the system was the reward jar.  Instead of focusing solely on the negative behavior that needed improvement, I knew it was important to praise and reward her for her good behavior.  In using a reward jar, I was able to see the number of times she was good.  Sadly, I recognized shortly thereafter how much I tended to focus on the bad.

With the reward jar in place, she also was able to have something concrete to work toward.

When she fills her reward jar, she gets to choose a special outing.

We chose not to include toys and trinkets as rewards because she has too much stuff.  Plus, she’s been earning money since she was a toddler doing toddler chores.  By allowing her to choose a special activity, we are able to celebrate her accomplishment together, as a family.  Of course, your reward options may look different than ours, but I strongly encourage experiences rather than material items.

Do you want some suggestions for reward jars?

The consequence and reward jar system is the most effective child behavior management system I've found yet. Either make your own reward jar or check out this list of 5 of the best reward jars and charts to accompany the consequence jar. Round out the consequences with rewards for good behavior. | www.sahmplus.com

Make Your Own Reward Jar

It was easy to set up a reward jar, but it’s not really cute.  At least, not at my house.  I cleaned out an old Bonne Maman preserves jar, labeled it with a chalkboard label, and employed some craft puffs as the reward balls.

Why you should be using a reward jar when instilling a consequence jar to manage a child's behavior. | www.sahmplus.com

Don’t want to be crafty or look for empty jars?  You can certainly purchase reward jars or reward charts that would do the same job.

Reward Jars and Charts

House of Marbles Marble Reward Jar

MegaFun USA Jr Good Job Jar with Mega Marbles

MegaFun USA Good Job Jar with Mega Marbles

Magnetic Reward Chart Set, Includes: 20 Magnetic Chores, 240 Magnetic Stars & 4 Color Dry Erase Markers! Behavior Chart Board Magnetic Backing & Hanging loop for Wall, Rigid board Dry Erasable,16 x 12

Magnetic Reward/Star Chart

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