16 of the Best Toddler Bedtime Books

by Ivy B
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As my son has become increasingly interested in books, he’s also very particular about the books he wants to be read at night.  We have a small bookshelf in his room and a small stack of books by the glider.  The stack of books are what’s currently in his favorites and we rotate once he’s bored of them.  But, he usually rotates through the same books.

Many of the books on this list were part of my daughter’s bedtime routine as a toddler.  So, I’d say they’ve stood the test of time.  In fact, every now and again I find a few “misplaced” in her room and have to relocate them to the toddler’s room.

These are my toddler’s favorite bedtime books!

best toddler bedtime books | www.sahmplus.com

16 of the Best Toddler Bedtime Books

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Rock-A-Bye Farm

The farmer rocks all his animals to sleep before he can go to sleep.

Fisher Price Sleepytime Farm

This book has a fun animal slider bar.  This brings a tactile eliment to the story as you read about the baby animals who are playing before they’re ready to sleep.

Pajama Time

This is a fun book (as Sandra Boynton books usually are) for toddlers about all kinds of pajamas.  And, as is expected with her books, it gets sing-songy.

The Going to Bed Book

“Boat … boat” my son points out.  I think he enjoys the end of the book best when he can see the boat, but the whole story keeps him entertained.

Counting Kisses

You love everything about your toddler, from his head to his toes.  Count kisses and you prepare baby for bed.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Kiss Goodnight

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight iPad

You’re All My Favorites

Snoozers: 7 Short Stories for Lively Little Kids

B loves one of the stories in this book in particular.  “Night Sounds” includes funny sounds animals make as they snore.  He really loves “chee chee taaaah.”

Kiss Good Night

Good Night, I Love You

Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night?

Farmyard Beat

This is a fun sing-song sort of bedtime book.  Maybe a little too upbeat for putting the tots to bed, but if your toddler is really tired, maybe it won’t matter.  It doesn’t seem to be problematic for my already lively little guy.

My Turtle and Me

This sweet book was given to my daughter when she was a toddler.  The turtle on the book used to light up when pressed, but no longer does.  It doesn’t really take away from the story of a child and his turtle!

Did I miss anything?  What do you think are some of the best toddler bedtime books?

Our toddler's bedtime routine always includes reading at least two books. These are, I believe, the best toddler bedtime books. | www.sahmplus.com

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short life October 23, 2019 - 3:45 am

Amazing post.These are all great suggestions! thanks for sharing . Recently I have bought a baby book called “Sophie la Girafe Big Beep Beep Book” which encourages babie’s imagination and identification skills as they lift the tabs to identify the vehicle noises underneath each one.


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