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Book Review – “My First Counting Book”

by Ivy B

Supposedly, one of my favorite books to have read to me as a tot was “My First Counting Book”

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When I found out I was pregnant, I began making a list of all the things I needed to acquire for my baby.  Books were a priority, right up there with all the necessities!

A list of books I wanted was formed and this one ranked high on that list.  It begins:
“One little puppy.  A roly poly puppy alone as he could be.  Isn’t there a boy or girl who wants to play with me?”

Super sweet flowing rhymes for 10 animal encounters that also teaches concepts beyond counting (eggs to chicks, squirrel and his acorns, fish swimming past hooks, geese flying high in the sky, and more)

Best of all, my daughter, now 17 months, is falling in love with this book too.  It’s still one of the few books I enjoy reading over and over.

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