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Build STEM Skills During Bath Time with BathBlocks

by Ivy B

My daughter has quite a few bath toys.  I’ve tried to keep the rubber duckies and other mold-harboring toys out of the bathroom.  I know I’ve failed a bit, but there were some things she was adamant about keeping, and I try my best to keep the toys clean.  I felt as though she may have actually become bored with her bath toys, and became more interested in the educational ones that we didn’t keep in there all that much.  She was trying to build words with her bath letters recently, having fun making me read the off-the-wall “words” she would come up with.

I was happy to have been chosen to review BathBlocks through Tomoson.com recently to add some extra fun to bath time.  I was provided a set of BathBlocks to facilitate my review.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Disclaimer: I’ve included affiliate links in this post.  Making purchases after clicking links may earn me a small commission, but will not cost you any more.

To my surprise, my daughter is now requesting more regular baths so that she can play with her BathBlocks, as opposed to fighting me when I say it’s bath time.  On the days she’s not sure about taking a bath, I simply remind her about the blocks and she’s convinced she needs a bath.

BathBlocks STEM toys for the bath

The best part about these blocks is that they’re another educational tool that she just finds fun.  She’s able to create her own ball run and experiment with placement and buoyancy.  We also found it helpful to dump water into the top run to get the ball rolling.

The only thing I have a gripe about is that, even after following special instructions, we couldn’t get the blocks to stick to the walls as shown in the picture.  Maybe we didn’t dip them into enough soap, but I didn’t want to promote waste.

BathBlocks STEM educational bath toy

BathBlocks are:

* Educational
* Engaging
* Made from mildew resistant EVA
* PVC and phthalate-free

We’ve really enjoyed the BathBlocks, and I’m considering buying a few sets to give at Christmas.

STEM skills BathBlocks

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