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National Reading Month & National Geographic Kids Super Readers #MomsMeet

by Ivy B

Thinking back to my school years, particularly middle and high school, I remember a few times getting my hands on National Geographic Magazines.  Our family didn’t have money for those magazines, so I’m not exactly sure how or where I came across them.  Still, when I did, I remember always being in awe of the amazing pictures.

I’m geeked out that I’ve partnered with Mom’s Meet to check out the National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers!  I get to share my love of National Geographic with my young daughter, which makes for a great bonding experience, in my opinion.

March 2nd was Read Across America Day, and the month of March is National Reading Month.  Let’s talk about how you can celebrate National Reading month with National Geographic Kids Super Readers Program.

Celebrate National Reading Month with National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers and Super Readers Program #ad #momsmeet
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S, who is in Kindergarten, has been working on her reading skills for quite some time.  In fact, she began teaching herself how to read rather unexpectedly in Preschool.  She began picking up words and making words pretty easily.  When I asked her Preschool teacher about reading, she said “no, we’re still working on Phonics.”  So, we began working on reading a little more deliberately from then on.

Once she entered Kindergarten, she quickly became a pretty fluent reader.

National Geographic Kids Super Readers Program

Child reading National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers #ad #momsmeet

Joining this program is simple.  Simply choose the level for your child, print out the poster for your level choice, and a certificate for your child to choose how many books they want to read and by what date.

To join the National Geographic Kids Super Readers program, simply visit this link.

Here, you’re able to earn prizes, do activities, and play cute online games.

Now, I was really excited when I first heard about National Geographic Kids Super Readers Program.  However, I was quite disappointed that the whole program is parent monitored and it requires printing at home.  While we have a printer, it’s not great, so our poster is in black and white.

Plus, we have to keep up with the “book log” manually, and then print the badges and attach them to the “poster” as we go.

In this day and age, it would be much more efficient to have an app to automate all this.  Our printer is pretty crappy, so I can no longer print in color, which makes for boring posters and badges, in my opinion.  I would have loved a tracking app for this program.

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What National Geographic Leveled Readers Offer

National Geographic Kids Leveled Readers img #ad #momsmeet

National Geographic Leveled Readers come in several levels and feature the stunning and captivating photographs you’ve come to expect from National Geographic.  Plus, they’re not just stories, but a way to learn about the world, simply.

National Geographic Pre-Reader

A Pre-Reader book introduces simpler words and concepts for a new reader.  And, it uses repetition, which I found extremely helpful when I was teaching S how to read.  She couldn’t seem to grasp that once she sounded out a word, it was the same every time she saw it.  Books that used a word repeatedly in certain sections really helped her to master reading by sight, rather than sounding everything out.  The pre-reader we received titled Hop, Bunny! Explore the Forest uses the words “Hop, hop, hop” several times in the book.  This would have been an excellent book if she were still learning.

National Geographic Level 1 Reader Book

A Level 1 Reader book offers a great chance for a parent and child to read together.  One page is specifically designed for parents to read, and the opposite page is larger print with simpler text for a child to read.

National Geographic Offers Spanish Language Reader Books

In our kit, we received a Level 1 Reader in Spanish.  I think it’s great National Geographic wants to be inclusive.  Whether you’re a bi-lingual family or hoping to expose your child to another language, National Geographic Kids has you covered.

How are you celebrating National Reading Month?

Don’t forget to sign up for the Super Readers Program I mentioned above and follow National Geographic on their social channels!

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