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Cake Maternity and Nursing Bra Makes Mama Feel Happy

by Ivy B

 I have partnered with Cake Maternity to bring you this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.  You will find affiliate links in this post.

In addition to all the things I wasn’t prepared for in my 2nd pregnancy, going up a bra size hadn’t crossed my mind.  That is, until I couldn’t fit into my bra anymore.  With my first pregnancy, that didn’t happen until after the baby arrived.  This time around, I was actually having to shop for maternity/nursing bras in my 5th month.  Then came the tedious task of trying on bras that I found comfortable, yet flattering, and I landed a couple that I liked, but sure didn’t make me feel very attractive.  I purchased them because they were on sale, but I had really hoped to find a style that was both comfortable and attractive.

Yes, I want to feel attractive because this pregnancy has already taken so much out of me.  It’s the least I could ask for right? Cake Maternity is committed to offering pregnant ladies a wide range of maternity & nursing bras, lingerie, swimwear, and more.  I couldn’t have been more excited when they agreed to have me review the nursing bra I had been eyeing.

Cake Maternity Nursing Bra and Brief review cover image | sahmplus.com
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For my review, I chose the Sherbet Non-Wire Nursing Bra with matching brief.  I’ve haven’t worn a bra with an underwire in years, and the last time I tried one on, I was instantly uncomfortable.  I decided that if I was going to achieve the feeling of attractiveness that I desired, being uncomfortable wasn’t going to help me.  Additionally, this particular bra was feminine and decorative, unlike the set I had to buy when I was desperate to fit into something so unexpectedly.

Cake Maternity beautiful packaging

For starters, the set came very quickly (arrived within 3 days).  When I opened the basic UPS package, I was greeted by a beautiful box which made me feel as though I was receiving a gift tied by a ribbon.  The set was nicely wrapped in silver tissue paper and accompanied by a handy maternity bra booklet.

Cake Maternity bra book for selecting the right bra fit


What happened after I opened the package rather surprised me.  My husband looked over and said something like “That’s for maternity?  It looks like the reason maternity happened.”  SCORE.  I picked a set that wouldn’t make me feel frumpy and boring, while also getting a little extra attention from the hubby.  Trying it on for the first time, I felt so good in it, I forgot I was pregnant  (at least for one minute).


Nursing Bra and Brief from Cake Maternity - a review sahmplus.com


Cake Maternity Nursing Bra Sizing

The website offers a handy Fitting Guide or Bra Size Calculator if you need help deciding on a bra size.  I had already had to purchase a nursing bra because my regular bras just didn’t fit anymore, so I didn’t need to use the guides to help me select my new size.  After playing around with the settings in both the guides, I didn’t find the Bra Size Calculator to be accurate, though I admit I was having some difficulty measuring myself.  The Fitting Guide seemed much more accurate if you were to answer the questions accurately.

I selected my new bra based on my recent purchase at another store and I feel like it was the right choice because I still have 4 loosening hooks before I grow out of it (and I doubt I’ll get that far).  Plus, the bra cups still have some extra room for growth.

Ivy’s Overall Impression

As stated previously, I found that there’s still plenty of room for growth, which I know I’ll need once the baby arrives.  Once, I adjusted the straps and back closure appropriately, I found the bra to be extremely comfortable.

I’m quite fond of the appearance and overall feel of the materials used in the set.  These are quality pieces that don’t make me think of maternity and nursing.  Enough so, that hubby even had a hard time believing the set was for maternity and nursing.  When I was feeling pretty low about this pregnancy, this set lifted my spirits and made me feel attractive again.  Plus, I have the bonus of being able to use it through my pregnancy and nursing so I’m not destined to be a frumpy housewife for the next year, like I ended up being with my first baby.

The particular bra sells on their website for $65 and shipping is free if your order is over $70.  In my opinion, the materials used feel durable enough to warrant spending the money, especially since this will get you through both the maternity and nursing years.  It’s just a bonus that they’re actually attractive enough that you might even decide to wear them past the nursing years if you still fit in them!!

Interested in Cake Maternity and Nursing Apparel?

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What’s your favorite piece of maternity wear?

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