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by Ivy B
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Traveling sounds amazing.  Traveling with kids, not so much.  Blogging … well, I love it, personally.  But, I have to admit that Travel Blogging as a hobby seems like a double-win in the fun department!  I’m excited to introduce you to my friend, Christine.  Her travel blogging mom hobby is pretty cool.  I really think you’re going to enjoy learning about this cool hobby today.  In fact, it might inspire you to start traveling more (even with your children).

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Meet Christine

Christine blogs at Tapped Out Travellers.  She’s a stay at home mom of 2 children, a boy and a girl.  She says she had always thought she’d be a working mom, but life had other ideas for her, and is now a stay at home mom.

Christine says she believes she’s pretty much the parent she thought she would be.  She behaves and raises her children the way she expected.  But, instead of being sad when her children start school, the found herself happy when the school year comes around.

Funny side of mom life

Christine tells me about a time her son had contracted Hand Food Mouth and wasn’t allowed in public.  Being stuck at home for 7 days, she was only able to leave once for groceries.  She enjoyed the trip to the store more than anything else the whole week.  She says “[i]t’s not really funny ha-ha, but funny-sad lol.” (I hear ya mama.  That stuff is no fun!)

Travel Blogging Mom Hobby


Travel blogging, for Christine, is her way of helping families take the worry and stress out of traveling as a family.  She started her blog to keep family and friends informed of her travels with living in Europe.  Then, it turned into a way to help educate other families how it is possible to travel with kids.  She uses her blog to counteract the popular opinion that traveling as a family is impossible.  Though she’s been blogging for 2 years, she’s taken it more seriously in the last few months.

Christine believes it’s easy for moms to lose their identities to housework and caring for her family.  She says that escaping “mom work” allows her to decompress and re-energize.  She finds time to blog “during transit, after the kids go to bed, or during nap time.”

Check out her post where she took day trips from Amsterdam by train with her two small children!

She’s always wanted to solo travel or adventure travel, so travel blogging seems to be a perfect fit for her.

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