How Do You Define What a Good Mom Is?

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5 perfectly good ways to define what a good mom is.  Encouragement for moms who may be struggling.  

I sat down after another long day of toddler tantrums. At one point, the oldest told me the cookie she received at the store wasn’t good enough.  I’ve cleaned, cooked, and wore myself out doing mom things.  Today seems like every other day.

My husband rarely asks me how my day went.  I don’t blame him!  He knows the shit show.

No matter what I do, I feel as though I’ve wasted my entire day devoting energy to things blowing up in my face.  I don’t do enough.  Nothing is enough for the kids.  They cry, throw fits, and generally act as though I’m not good enough.

If I don’t resort to a glass of wine in the evening, you may find me fighting back tears.

I wonder how it’s possible I haven’t decided to go back to work and leave the chaos to someone else.  For that matter, why haven’t I just walked away.

I’ll go to bed tonight and wake up feeling as though this will be the day I’m rewarded for my efforts.  But, as soon as the toddler arrives at the breakfast table, he’ll create drama and ruin his own day.  And, I’ll realize today probably will go almost exactly like every other day before it.

I’ll likely forget to pack a snack or send the eldest with the wrong lunch, because I should be reading her mind by now.  She’s almost 7 after all.

Have I messed up?  Am I a good mom?

Are these the sort of thoughts that run through your mind?  Please tell me I’m not alone!

These 5 quotes will help define what a good mom is, how to be a good mom, or remind you you ARE a good mom. Being a good mom is a matter of caring enough to worry you aren't |

I know I’m a good mom and I know you’re a damned good one too!  You care for and love your children despite the chaos and the drain on your energy.  You keep trying and you’re always looking for ways to make things better for your family.  You feel as though you fail on a regular basis.  You fall, but you pick yourself up every day.  You just keep trying!

Being a good mom isn’t defined in one way.  We’re all different.  Our families and their dynamics are different.  The needs, desires, and situations all require something unique from each of us.

These following quotes define what a good mom is to the individuals who have been quoted.  I hope that you find some comfort in at least one of the definitions. And, if you know a mother struggling today, share one (or all of them) to make her day!  You never know who needs to be reminded she’s a good mom!

These Quotes Define What a Good Mom is

If you want to know if you’re a good mom, just ask your kids.  The rest of the world can’t determine that for you.

Yoga Club
Ask your kids what a good mom is ... #parenting #goodmom #momlife Click To Tweet

Angelina Jolie believes her kids determine what a good mom is (for her)

I’ve always believed that caring enough to question your own abilities makes you a good mom!  You’re asking questions and looking for ways to improve.  That to me defines what a good mom is.

If you care enough to ask, you are a good mom! |

Sleep deprivation is hard on anyone.  I know, first-hand, just how difficult it is to do any “momming” without a good nights’ sleep!  It’s harder to think and makes one really irritable.

You are a good mom if you're not sleep-deprived according to Lisa Loeb

Being a good mom isn’t about keeping the house clean and organized.  It’s about the family you raise and the time you spend with them.

Your kids happiness is more important than the cleanliness of your home

“There is no one perfect way to be a good mother. Each situation is unique. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children. What matters is that a mother loves her children deeply.” – Elder M. Russell Ballard

a good mother loves her children delleeply elder m. russell ballard quote

BONUS: I love this really easy-to-follow flow chart from Huffington Post …. because there really is only one answer:

there really is only one answer - you are a good mom according to huffington post

Tell me: how do you define what a good mom is?

Everyone has an idea of what it takes to be a good mom.  Ask any mom-to-be what she thinks a good mom is.  She’ll have a fantastic (and unrealistic) idea about motherhood.  But, once you’re a mom, you know you’re going to question your every move.  And, you’re not going to get much help from all the judgement you get from other moms.  Worst of all, those closest to you are probably going to contribute to your self doubt.

The important thing to remember is that you define what a good mom is according to your family dynamic.  Be strong, be bold, and don’t doubt yourself.  You’ve got this mama!

So, tell me how you define what a good mom is.


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