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Why I Use Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo on Short Hair

by Ivy B

Why I believe Desert Essence Anti-Breakage hair care is still important for the health and beauty of short hair.

I thought I was going to grow my hair out.  I’d even gone several weeks, maybe even a couple months, past my last hair appointment.

It wasn’t exactly by choice.  I’d been trying to decide between following my hairdresser after she moved or staying with the salon I’d been going to for several years.  You see, when I found my salon, I told myself I wasn’t going to chase another hairdresser down.

I really liked this girl and I seriously considered breaking that promise to myself.  But, it was a huge internal battle.

So, I let my hair start to grow, because I was having a hard time deciding!

With growing hair, I knew I was going to be using heat styling products more often to keep it looking like I cared.  But with that, I knew damage and breakage were going to become another concern.

Ivy when trying to grow her hair out, not looking so great | sahmplus.com
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Then, as the hairs began tickling my ears, I decided at the very least I need to have the sides and back trimmed up a bit.  I got there and suddenly, I realized I wasn’t ready to grow out my hair.

You see, I’m a crazy toddler mom and I need that regular visit to the salon as a break from the kids!

Still, I realize damage to my hair is likely, because I choose to have my hair straightened at the salon every couple months.  But what can I do about it?

Using Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner on Short Hair

Well, for starters, I know I want a better-for-you product that isn’t full of harmful chemicals.  That’s why I’m really excited about my collaboration with Moms Meet to share my experience with Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner.  Compensation was provided for this post, but all opinions expressed here are my own.

Okay, so my first confession is that I’ve never been all that concerned about what hair products I use.  I mean, aside from swapping out the really toxic grocery store brands for ones I have to locate at specialty stores (or online), I generally pick up a bottle of shampoo, sniff it, and go.  Of course, if it’s blatantly obvious it’s not meant for my hair concerns, I’ll rethink it.

As I age, however, I’m becoming more aware of how my choices affect everything I do.  And, while I used to buy shampoo for colored hair back when I dyed it, I was only doing it to protect the color, not so much my hair.

But, I know that’s not that right way to go about things.  So, now I need to pick things for specific purposes.  And, though I’m not growing my hair out, it doesn’t mean I should be protecting my hair from damage from occasional hair dryer use.  More importantly, the chemical straightening every couple months as I aim to maintain a specific style.

So how can I do this without conventional products?

desert essence anti-breakage shampoo conditioner hair mask | sahmplus.com

Finding a product that lends itself to more natural ingredients can feel like a daunting task.  And, if you’ve grown up on the conventional grocery store brands, like me, you may be worried these products won’t do a good job.

But, fear not.  They can be just as effective as the grocery store brands and healthier for you, too!

Who is Desert Essence?

Well, let’s leave them to answer:

“As the first company to market Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Oil in the U.S. — both popular staples in the beauty industry — Desert Essence has a 35-year history of bringing the best of nature to personal care regimens everywhere. Inspired by the desert and its rich, nourishing ingredients, we proudly formulate our all-natural skin care, body care, baby care and dental care products with health and sustainability in mind.”

What is the Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask?

This formula helps “minimize breakage and fall” with a blend of Country Life Maxi-Hair® plus Biotin, this breakthrough formula with Keratin and Pro-Vitamin B5.  Included in its ingredients are JoJoba, coconut oil, Aloe, and Saw Palmetto to make it smooth and fortified while still being manageable.

Will it smell funny?

Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Hair Care Line (vertical image) | sahmplus.com

Okay, I’m not going to lie.  Finding more natural beauty products has been a bit challenging in the smell department.  I’ve been turned off by the smells of some things because they smelled like dirt.  And there was no way I was going to bathe in something that made me smell quite that earthy.

Desert Essence isn’t my favorite smell, but it’s not so earthy that you can’t stand to be around yourself either.  While I don’t love it (and neither does my husband), I noticed the scent didn’t linger long after drying and styling my hair.

Of course, I also don’t have long hair, so I don’t have it dangling in my face to constantly smell it, either.  But, for a more natural shampoo and conditioner that has a mission to protect my hair, I’m not completely turned off by the smell either.

How do you use it on short hair?

Ivy holding bottle of Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo | sahmplus.com

As with anything, you don’t need nearly as much product for short hair as you would for long.

What I find is that a dime sized amount is perfectly suitable for my pixie cut, unless I’ve not washed my hair for a few days and it’s beginning to become extra oily.  In which case, I may lather on a second dose.

When it comes to the conditioner, because my scalp tends to show the oil more quickly, I rub a small amount in my hands, tilt my head over and try to rub it on the tip of my hair.  My aim is to apply the conditioner to the ends of my hair without touching my scalp or getting too close to the roots.

Afterwards, I remove excess moisture from my hair with a towel, then blow dry prior to styling.

ivy after using desert essence anti-breakage hair care for short hair | sahmplus.com

Get Ready to Try It Yourself

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Jennifer Smith July 9, 2018 - 2:22 pm

hi, Ivy!

I just want to say that the faux mohawk you rock on the last photos suits you very well.

thank you for the article

Ivy B July 9, 2018 - 3:03 pm

I really appreciate that. I’ve been struggling with my short hair but I think my new stylist has nailed her approach 😀

Jasmine Hewitt July 16, 2018 - 10:46 am

my hair’s pretty long, nearly mermaid length, so it can get breakage easily. Maybe i’ll try this brand!

Deo Joe August 13, 2018 - 1:17 pm

I have heard excellent reviews on this anti-breakage shampoo, so it seems to be doing wonders!

TonyNghia September 10, 2018 - 10:23 pm

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I just want to say that the faux mohawk you rock on the last photos suits you very well.

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