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Coronavirus Outbreak: Social Distancing With Kids

by Ivy B

If you’re concerned about the health of your family during the coronavirus outbreak, consider these helpful tips for social distancing.

Regardless of your opinions about the Coronavirus outbreak, the world is cracking down on quarantine measures. Some include school closures, travel and event cancellations, and sending workers home all in the name of health and wellness.

However you feel about the pandemic, it’s time to face the facts about all the cancellations and closures.

Disney, Legoland, and Universal have all closed through March. Even my planned trip in April to NYC had closures of Broadway shows through mid-April.

And this was just the beginning.

Our school district extended Spring Break for an additional week and is making plans for continuing educational activities via internet if the status of the Coronavirus outbreak doesn’t improve.

Even just over the course of a weekend, we had to cancel our plans to visit Legoland and spend a day stocking up on food and supplies in case we have a national order to quarantine.

And let me tell you, that starts to have a negative impact on kids emotions pretty quickly!

So, how can you settle in and make the most of being at home with your kids during this difficult time?

Social distancing and closures can feel isolating during the coronavirus outbreak.  These tips will help make your stay at home with kids more bearable as the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic.
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Dealing With Being Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

Please note that none of this should be construed as medical advice. The tips shared here are simply for helping you with your sanity while you’re home during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Minimize Non-Essential Contact

Okay, so you don’t have Coronavirus, but the world is urging for quarantine and social distancing!

You’ve surely realized that some countries are struggling with hospital space to care for the sick. And, certainly, you understand that’s going to significantly impact the health and well-being of many people who may desperately need care, even if not for Coronavirus itself.

So, maybe it’s time to consider self-quarantine (as much as possible) and minimize non-essential contact.

One way I can suggest minimizing contact is not to do your own shopping!

Instacart is the perfect way to get groceries delivered! And, they’re now offering the option to allow your shopper to leave groceries on your doorstep.

Keep in mind, however, that shortages in food and supplies has been an issue. Additionally, delivery times have been known to be delayed.

If you’re up for cooking more at home but unsure what to make for dinner, why not try PlateJoy for meal planning help?

Get Outside!

kids outside getting fresh air and sunshine while social distancing during coronavirus pandemic

Social distancing and self-quarantine doesn’t mean you should be cooped up indoors.

According to this article, fresh air and the sun are great for immune system building and as disinfectants. During the 1918 Influenza epidemic, patients who were treated with outdoor therapy experienced better recovery than those treated in confined indoor spaces.

My kids and I are spending a significant amount of time outdoors during our extended spring break! Check out some ideas for screen-free activities in my previous post about screen-free week.


The demands of daily life may be changing, especially if you’re not used to having kids at home for much of the day. But, it’s important to keep up with, if not increase, housekeeping measures and personal hygiene.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s not the time to slack off on cleanliness!

Now is a great time to review proper hand-washing with your kids.

Check out my friend’s article about how to clean pretty much everything.

Bring some of the outdoors inside by opening your windows to let in fresh air. This coincides with the previous section talking about how fresh air is good for your immune system.

As I sat typing this in my office, I had the window open blowing a fresh, cool breeze on me!

Try Not To Panic

When possible, reduce anxiety and stress!

Curl up with a good book or binge on streaming media.

What are some of your favorite tips for keeping sane during social distancing or self quarantine during the Coronavirus Outbreak?

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