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Healing After Surgery

by Ivy B

In the weeks leading up to surgery, I spent hours researching all things related to enbloc explant surgery.

What can I do to speed up healing after surgery?

What did I need to buy?

What to expect with explant.

What were other’s experiences with post-surgical pain?

Where there natural treatments for pain?

When would I be able to detox?

3 recovery tips after explant surgery. Natural healing after surgery
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Best Steps for Healing After Surgery

I was ready to get my life back on track, even before I went through my procedure. Unfortunately, detoxing to fast track healing was out of the question.

What could I do, instead, to promote whole-body healing after surgery?

Healing after surgery - 3 photos from a span of 5 weeks.  1) hours before explant 2) 4 weeks post op 3) 5 weeks post op

Eating Right

Making sure healing after surgery goes well begins before surgery.

I began to work toward a more whole food based diet prior to surgery and cut out or reduced junk. So less sugar, more fruit.

Post surgery, I had pre-made dinners for my husband and dad to just warm up. Sometimes we had food delivered. And, sometimes food wasn’t the healthiest because, well, leftovers and eating at home gets boring.

I did, however, make sure to have fruits and vegetables on hand to make for easy lunches and healthy snacks. Plus, pineapples are said to reduce inflammation and bruising.

4 weeks after surgery, I am still not ready for a full blown detox, but I’m trying to prepare my body.

Because I’ve been through detox previously, under the guidance of my primary care physician, I know that eating whole foods is important in assisting my body in detox.

In preparation, I’m eating more whole foods and trying to eat plant based a couple days a week.

This is a sponsored conversation between myself and Splendid Spoon, however all opinions in this post are my own.

Using Splendid Spoon, I’m helping to prepare my body for detox! And the best part is, the smoothies, bowls, and soups are already prepared, gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO.

splendid spoon box of smoothies and lunches

Eating healthier, in conjunction with the doctor-prescribed detox shakes will also prevent me from having to fast.

splendid spoon coconut curry lunch bowl

And, because I’m a busy work at home mom now, whatever I don’t have to cook from scratch (especially during recovery and detox) is greatly appreciated!

If that’s not good enough reason, let me just say that Splendid Spoon provided me some of the most flavorful meals I’ve ever had from a pre-made delivery service.

splendid spoon green matcha smoothie

My suggestion is that if you’re not able to pre-make enough foods prior to surgery, using Splendid Spoon is a wonderful way to get great nutrition while healing after surgery! And, you can get it down to $9 per meal when choosing the Breakfast + Lunch + Reset plan.

Getting Moving

While it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders and rest during recovery, it’s just as important not to be ON bed rest.

Gentle exercise like light walking for brief periods of time is important to keep blood circulating.

At 4 weeks, I was given the all-clear to get back into routines but to start slow.

at the gym; healing after surgery

I’ve decided that I’ll head back to the gym to focus on gentle activities like the treadmill or stationary bikes. And, maybe I’ll hit the weight machine to work on my glutes.

In a couple more weeks, it’ll be time to try out light weight lifting again, starting on the lightest settings to keep from injuring my chest muscles.

Being In The Right Frame of Mind


My explant surgery, though fairly easy as far as recovery goes, has had its fair share of questionable days where my mental well-being is concerned.

Part of recovery has included being mindful of negative thoughts and reframing them to positive thoughts. Checking in on my thoughts and keeping them positive has been a vital part of my mental healing after surgery.

Because removing implants was not a choice I would have made had it not been for the possibility that they were causing me illness, accepting my new chest can be difficult at times.

I find it helpful to have a list of positive affirmations to help with staying positive. This has been a great way to accept and love my body through all its changes and healing. That’s why I created Positive Affirmation Cards For Self Love and Body Image.

self love and body image positive affirmation cards - great for use after explant surgery

Plus, I’ve made sure to document some of the positive effects from removing my implants, including increased energy. Focusing on and noting positive changes helps me find greater comfort in my physical body!

Finally, buying and wearing a cute bralette did some wonders for my body image. Getting out of a sports bra (when cleared by the doctor) was a big day!!

If you ask me, healing after surgery really just means respecting your body! To do this, you give your body the respect and love it needs. You nurture it. And you give it time to recover before putting more stress on it. This is all done through proper nutrition, gentle movement, and positive thoughts.

These keys have made my post-explant recovery bearable!

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