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Enbloc Explant Surgery: 1st Week & Full Of Gratitude

by Ivy B

I was feeling grateful for my enbloc explant experience just 1 week post op. A hard choice all in the name of better health.

I explanted (had breast implants removed and not replaced) after spending 8 out of 16 years with implants struggling with health issues. I chose to enbloc explant because, after 7 years of taking the best care of myself in my life, I couldn’t seem to get any healthier.

I have battled chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, and random ailments that sometimes have my doctor scratching his head. And everything has worn me out.

Just one week after enbloc explant, I was full of gratitude!

Enbloc explant surgery! My breast implant illness explant story; 1 week of gratitude
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My Week After Enbloc Explant

My husband is working from home for the month to assist me in every way possible.

My dad will be here the better part of 4-6 weeks to help us with the kids and cooking, etc.

hours before enbloc explant surgery
My BII face, just hours before enbloc explant surgery

24 hours after surgery, I was allowed to shower but cried right before my husband saw my boobs.

“I’m not ready for you to see them” I managed to get out after catching my breath. He was so kind and gentle with me, but also quickly reminded me he “has to see them sometime … might as well see them now at their worst.”

As we removed the sports bra and padding, he said “they’re not that bad. I expected worse and it’ll only get better.”

Immediately I was comforted and it put me in the right mental state to handle my recovery positively.

Since then, I have viewed my saggy, wrinkled, nearly flat breasts quite differently.

“They’re not that bad” was all I needed to know that he was accepting our new norm… something I feared for the longest prior to explant because my husband had never known me without my fake breasts. I had never seen just how tiny my natural “breasts” were.

And, until about 2 months prior to explant, he wasn’t quite convinced explant was going to help me improve my health. I have another woman’s public explant story to thank for helping him to understand why I chose to explant.

As with all we’ve done, our marriage continues to improve and overcome obstacles.

My outlook on my “boobs” is better.

And, aside from the sore lumps in my armpits, my recovery has been pretty smooth and without the need for heavy pain killers. It’s hard to believe I was able to get through the first week with only ibuprofen, tylenol, and arnica.

I’m grateful for all the women who have shared their enbloc explant stories before me. They gave me courage and hope.

I’m grateful my body didn’t give up under the knife.

And I’m grateful for the support my family, and friends continue to show.

Above all else, I’m grateful to my husband for being my rock. He has exceeded every expectation, practicing patience, love, and empathy during this very difficult journey.

I know it’s hard to take a leap of faith and believe that breast implants can cause illness when science, doctors, and the FDA won’t readily admit it.

possible symptoms of breast implant illness
possible symptoms of breast implant illness and reasons to think about enbloc explant

It’s hard to choose enbloc explant when vanity prevented you from loving your natural body fully, however many years ago.

And, it’s a hard choice when there’s no guarantee you’ll find better health after enbloc explant!

But, there were a surprising number of people who supported this decision! And, despite not seeing an immediate indication of getting my life back, knowing I’m surrounding by the love and support I have been shown allows me to recover from surgery in the best mental state possible.

Now if only I could get back to sleeping well at night … because 4 weeks sleeping on my back in a recliner is not working as well for me!

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