How to Make a Felt Jack-O-Lantern That Will Delight Your Kids

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I can hardly believe it’s almost Halloween and nearly time to start decorating for fall (when do you do that anyway?).

Picking and carving pumpkins is certainly a Fall favorite.  However, having pumpkins rotting in the house is the absolute worst!  One year, I woke up to a Jack-O-Lantern in the kitchen that had rotted at the bottom.  He’d fallen over and there was pumpkin slime all over the kitchen counter.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he was the largest pumpkin we’d ever had and I nearly couldn’t lift him off the counter to place him in a garbage bag.

It was a horrifying mess!

Though we may continue to carve pumpkins, I know the kids would rather do this activity over and over again.  But, we’re not carving that many pumpkins every year.  So, I created a fun felt board activity for my daughter a couple years ago.  Hubby carved a small pumpkin and my daughter was intrigued.  To save us the hassle and mess of carving numerous real pumpkins, I decided to give her the endless ability to make her own pumpkin faces using felt.  Because I didn’t give myself a head start, I didn’t cut out nearly as many face options as I would have liked, so I’ll be working on it again this year!  And, I wanted to share the activity with you now, so that you have some time to prepare this year too!

Ready to learn how to make your own adorable Halloween Pumpkin Felt activity?


For starters, if you’ve never worked with felt before, check out my quick guide on how to work with felt.

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Making Your Pumpkin Felt Activity


1 pair very sharp scissors
Orange Felt
Black Felt

Craft your pumpkin felt activity

  1. Choose a paper template to cut from (I used DLTK’s Jack-o’-Lantern template).
pumpkin template on felt
pumpkin felt activity template cut out

2. Cut your chosen Jack O Lantern and as many eyes, noses, and mouths of your choosing from your felt.  Our pumpkin is all orange and our eyes and mouths are all black.  You could even cut out yellow eyes like a lit pumpkin.

cut face pieces felt pumpkin activity

3. The best part of this activity is that it could be a stand alone felt activity, or you could use it on a felt board.  Even better, because felt doesn’t cost much if you buy the bulk pack, you can make a few extra for kids as little Halloween gifts.  Depending on the time you have available or a number of small children you expect to see, you could even pass them out to your Trick or Treaters or Party Goers if you (or they) are anti-candy. We store ours in a quart sized zip-lock back to keep it clean and to separate it from our other felt activities.

complete halloween pumpkin felt activity

I love that this simple Halloween craft promotes my daughter’s creativity and can be used until she loses interest in felt activities.

Be sure to come back here and show me your completed Pumpkin Felt Activity!

Easy DIY craft: pumpkin felt activity. Kids can decorate pumpkins for Halloween without the mess of carving pumpkins. This felt activity will give your kids endless Jack O' Lantern face possibilities!

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