How to Make a Delightful Baby Food Jar Pumpkin

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Inside: How to reuse old baby food jars to make a baby food jar pumpkin craft sure to delight your kids. Gather these supplies to upcycle glass jars and make a mini pumpkin jar decoration craft for Halloween.

I have a few empty baby food jars in a box.  Let’s be real … I have TOO MANY baby food jars and they don’t all fit in a box.

baby food jars overflowing box

My husband has been asking me what I’m doing with them and his mom has asked why I have some on my counters.  My answer to them has been that I knew moms that might want to use them.  Maybe they want to make their own baby food.  And, I kept telling myself I would find a way to up-cycle them.

I had a few things that kept me from doing anything with them.

Firstly, time isn’t on my side to sit and think about how to turn an ordinary glass jar into something special.  I mean, anything is possible, but I didn’t know how to narrow down the possibilities.

Secondly, I’m not fond of sticky messes kids can make when crafting.  Plus, I would need to get rid of the strongly stuck on glue the manufacturer used to keep the labels on before I could even begin a project with those bottles.

Lucky for me, I began seeing social media buzzing with the thought that it’s “Pumpkin Everything” time.

YES!  That’s it!  My daughter and I both love pumpkins.  Why not turn some of those little glass jars into cute pumpkins together?  The best things about these pumpkins are that they won’t go bad waiting on mommy to find time to bake them into something that only she will eat.

How to Make a DIY Mini Pumpkin Jar for Fall Decorating

DIY mini pumpkin jar craft for Halloween/ Fall decorating; complete baby food jar pumpkin craft ©

Goo Gone spray gel makes quick and easy work (if you can call it that) of cleaning off the glue gunk on the jars, which really helped me settle my cleanup dilemma.  And, I don’t really have to worry about the kiddo getting glue everywhere.  So, I kept it handy every step of the way and began to create a cute pumpkin craft and let my 5 year old help me.  As quickly as the gunk is removed, it’ll make it easy to use a few of these jars as Pumpkin decorations this fall.  Maybe we can even give a few to family and friends to decorate their homes.

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Before you get started on this project, be sure not to use Goo Gone on silk, leather, suede, rubber, faux stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces, and unsealed stone.  For any other surfaces, test in an inconspicuous area first.

goo gone baby food jar pumpkin craft

Easy Baby Food Jar Pumpkin Craft

I’m really excited to share how easy it is to make this DIY mini pumpkin craft perfect for your Halloween and Fall decorations.  Plus, your little ones will delight in getting their hands on scissors and paper to help  you create these adorable baby food jar pumpkins.

DIY Mini Pumpkin Craft Supplies

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Baby Food Jar(s)
Goo Gone Remover Spray Gel-12oz
Paper towel or clean rag
Orange Construction Paper
Black Construction Paper
Brownor GreenPipe Cleaners
Craft glue of choice (I used something similar to this:ELMERS Craftbond Fine Line Glue Pen, Dries Clear, 0.24 Fl. Oz. (E6029)

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baby food jar pumpkin craft supplies for DIY mini pumpkin decorations

Baby Food Jar Pumpkin Craft Instructions

  1. Soak baby food jars in water for a few minutes to remove the label.
  2. Spray Goo Gone on jars to remove the leftover adhesives. Let sit up to 10 minutes, though I only needed about 2 minutes.
  3. Wipe clean.  I used a paper towel to wipe away the adhesive, rather easily.
  4. After rubbing off the adhesive, clean the jar(s) in hot soapy water to remove any adhesive and Goo Gone residue.

cleaning jars with goo gone, preparing for DIY mini pumpkin jar craft ©

5. Cut orange paper or felt into pieces.  Larger pieces are preferable.  If your child is practicing cutting skills, give them some strips of construction paper to cut large pieces too.
6. Cut black construction paper into eyes, nose, mouth.  I didn’t do anything fancy.  Two eyes and a simple mouth with a cut-out tooth make my girl happy.
7. Have your child stuff jars with orange construction paper.
8. Have your child use glue of choice to glue on the face pieces.
9. Twist pipe cleaner and leave part up to make a stem.  Glue twisted pipe cleaner onto the lid.  I used my bottle of Goo Gone to hold the pipe cleaner down while the glue was drying.

pumpkin crafting, child helping with the DIY mini pumpkin jar craft ©
When the glue is set, screw the lid onto the pumpkin and you’re done!

Getting ready for Fall and Halloween means pumpkin crafts! Check out this easy DIY mini pumpkin jar craft using old baby food jars. Your kids will delight in helping create these baby food jar pumpkins. ©


Did your child get glue on the table?  You have your Goo Gone handy, right?  Grab it and make clean up quick!

From crafts to cleaning, find out what else Goo Gone can help you with by clicking here.

If you liked this and are looking for more ways to reuse baby food jars, be sure to check out these fabulous baby food jar crafts.

And, if your kids are still going pumpkin crazy, be sure to check out this Halloween Felt Jack-O-Lantern!


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