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This is the Perfect Subscription Box for Mom and Baby’s Well-Being

by Ivy B
Why the Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box is the best gift for a new or expectant mama.  It’s also perfect for any mom who just doesn’t have time to do all the healthy shopping she wants, but still wants the best for her baby or bump!

I value non-toxic products greatly.  But, I haven’t always been that way.

When I began our new lives with a new baby 6 years ago, I was catapulted into a downward spiral of health issues.  I never had the chance to experience autoimmunity or motherhood without the other.  Just as I’m learning to be a mother to our new baby, I was also learning how to battle a whole uncharted world of autoimmune and sudden food intolerances.  Even my new baby girl had issues processing dairy.

Since then, I’ve become more used to both parts of my life.  I even decided to go on and have our second baby, who was born at the end of 2015.  Though, the reality of my motherhood journey looks nothing like what I’d ever envisioned.  I lack energy and I’m constantly battling my body from kicking it’s own tush.

My motherhood journey directly coincides with my health journey.  Some moms want to start their new babies’ lives off with non-toxic products.  I was that pregnant mom.  And then, I became the autoimmune mom that had to reduce toxins in the household, not just for her babies, but for herself.  That’s why I’m really happy to have teamed up with Ecocentric Mom, who provided me with an Ecocentric Mom box.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

The Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box is a wonderful resource for someone like me.  I get eco-friendly, non-toxic products for myself and my two-year-old delivered straight to my door.  But, this isn’t just about me.  It’s about all moms and why you need to gift this subscription box to a friend, a love one, and maybe even yourself!

Plus, if you scroll to the end, I’ve got a sweet exclusive coupon code for you to use!  

Why the Ecocentric mom subscription is the perfect gift for an expectant mom and her bump or a mom with a new or older baby | www.sahmplus.com
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Why The Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box Makes a Great Gift

Whether or not you’re into the whole crunchy-mom thing, you can probably agree that, as moms, we like to think we’re taking the best care of our babies.  And, you may even agree that we should be taking better care of ourselves.  Knowing what I know now, I sure wished I’d taken better care of myself before I brought children into the world.  Which brings me to why the Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box is the perfect gift for a new or expecting mama (or even one who’s kids are toddlers).

Customized to the recipient

My Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box - customized for mom and toddler with ecofriendly products

You can gift this eco-friendly discovery box to moms in many stages of motherhood.  Ecocentric Mom offers subscriptions for:

Mom and Bump

Mom and Baby

Mom and Little

The recipient would simply enter their baby’s due date or birth date in the required fields.  Plus, they can further customize their subscription box based on the gender of their baby.  Unknown is even an option if they’re team green (choosing not to find out their gender until birth).

Since the subscription boxes only go up to children about the age of 4, I couldn’t include my 6 year old daughter in this.  So, I chose the mom and little box for myself and my 2 year old.

Eco-friendly products delivered

Once you become a parent, you quickly realize time will never again be on your side.   That song “Time is on my Side” just came flying to me as I said that … and I didn’t want to be the only one with it stuck in my head, so that’s my gift to you *wink*.


Between constantly feeding babies, shuttling the kids back and forth to school, doctor’s appointments, and soccer practice, myself to doctor’s appointments, and the myriad of blogging and house duties, time is elusive.  That’s just me with 2 kids.

I remember back when my littles were new and I was also figuring out how to be a mom, how to breastfeed, and how to cook dinner with a little one attached to me in some way.  My son nursed like a champ.  He nursed so much that he never lost the initial weight in the first week that most babies lose.  In his first week, he gained weight.  You wanna talk about not having time?  Having a hungry boy latched almost constantly really took a toll on my energy and ate away (no pun intended) at the time I could have been doing other things.

Aside from working around schedules, new moms have to pack up humongous diaper bags, extra clothes, and remember ALL. THE. THINGS. with 2.5 hours of broken sleep.  And what if her new discovery in-store didn’t work out?  Either waste more time to return or waste money if you can’t find someone to take it off your hands.  Not to mention, dealing with a crying newborn mid-shop is not the least bit fun.  I can’t even tell you how many times I forget things or totally grab the wrong thing because I was distracted by one of the littles having a meltdown in the store.

Yep, I’m done with going out to shop.

I like discovering new organic and non-toxic products, but at this juncture, having things delivered is just about the only way to go.  I know it’s not the only way to go, but it sure has become my favorite.  As a first-time mom or mom with the new second baby, I would have killed to be able to discover fabulous new products without leaving the house.

While you’re at it, check out my (terrible) Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box unboxing video, when I first learn what products were included in this delivery.


Something Pampering

In each Ecocentric Mom subscription box, you’re guaranteed to get at least one self-care item.  If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you probably know self-care is really important to me.  In fact, it’s one of this mom’s major goals in 2018.  At the very least, I wanted to take a few minutes every day to take care of myself, even if it was simply doing a face cleanse and moisturizing.

As a first-time mom, I struggled with taking the time I needed for myself.  But, this year, I’ve gotten so much better about scheduling my days off ahead of time.

I’m willing to bet, however, that the person you gift this subscription box to (especially if they’re a first-time mom) is going to need the reminder to take a few minutes to focus on themselves.   And this can come in the form of a subtle reminder when it’s already included in their subscription!

In my box, I received a bottle of organic, handmade perfume from Gypsy Soul and a bottle of Glow Up Milk nourishing face mist from Rose Affinity.

Pampering items in my Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box | www.sahmplus.com

Something Practical

An eco-friendly item is included to care for your home.  Conventional home cleaning products are filled with all sorts of toxins.  It’s taken me 6 years to filter through my products and find non-toxic versions I like.  Honestly, I’m still searching for suitable replacements.

Having something practical, like this, delivered in the Ecocentric Mom subscription box is a wonderful idea!

In my box, I received Toilet Tablets by Stacey Ogden’s Homemade.  These smelled amazing and deodorized the bathroom while cleaning the toilet at the same time!

A great toilet cleaner deodorizer in my Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

Something for Baby or Bump

Toddler probiotics in Ecocentric Mom Box

You’ll get at least one item perfectly matched to a current milestone in your pregnancy or your child’s development.

Because my son is two, we receive toddler-friendly items.  Our box included Effortless Art Crayons by Two Sparrows Learning Systems and Tiny Tummies by Love Bug Probiotics.  I personally take probiotics and started my daughter on them this year.  She didn’t get sick over the winter, unlike last year, so I’m really excited to try probiotics for my son (who doesn’t get sick often).

Additionally, my toddler son just recently began expressing an interest in coloring, so I’m really excited for him to try these crayons out.

Ecofriendly toddler crayons in Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

Something Tasty

Ecocentric mom lists this as something to enjoy (or share).  We’re moms … we know whatever food we have is never ours unless we’ve mastered the art of hiding our stash in a closet and sneaking away.  Even if you think you’ve got it mastered, those little ears can hear a wrapper a mile away.

Thankfully, you know whatever yummy treat is included in the box is going to be a healthier product you won’t actually mind giving your little ones (assuming they’re capable of eating).

Do me a favor, will ya?  Can you try to remember how hard those first few months (or years) are for moms?  Think about that and get her an Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box so she can discover a world of organic, non-toxic, non-gmo products from small businesses without having to leave the house.

As promised, now that you’re ready to discover healthy products for moms delivered, be sure to use this exclusive coupon code, SAHM7, for $7 off your purchase.  

Plus, the longer your subscription, the larger the discount you get directly from Ecocentric Mom, so you’ll bulk up on savings when you combine my discount code!

The Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box is a wonderful gift to any new or expectant mama who wants nothing but the best for her bump or baby | www.sahmplus.com

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Anna Martin February 6, 2018 - 4:21 pm

I believe, your collection of boxes is very focused to recommend best products thats make moms very special. It reminds every mom to have little time for herself everyday.
I’ve personally tried Ecocentric Mom box, which is a great subscription box as a gift. I highly recommend it and its perfect to give baby care products as gift.

Bri Adams February 6, 2018 - 11:49 pm

What a great box collection! I also cut out everything I could when I got pregnant. Sadly I’ve let some of the junk creep back into our lives over the last few years. This is a great reminder. Thanks!

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