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4 Ways Elli Explorer is More Than Just Silly Fun

by Ivy B

I think you’ll agree, Ellie Explorer is a great show for your kids because she offers education and fun in one package.  I share 4 reasons we love watching Ellie Explorer.

For 2018, I decided I was going to do a home preschool experience for my toddler, similar to what I had done with my first, who is now 6.  The trouble I had in preparing his curriculum was that I had no idea how to make educating him more of a physical activity than what I did with S.  You see, B is a very active toddler who rarely sits down to read and takes about 2.5 seconds to scribble on paper.  Unlike his sister, he has very little attention span for worksheets and sitting.  It’s even a major challenge visiting the library for story time with this toddler.

But, I was determined to teach B, like I had done with S.  I just needed to get creative about how I was going to get educational messages through to an active kid, such as himself.

I perused WildBrain’s site and found quite a few shows I found interesting.  As my son napped over the course of a couple days, I sat watching a few of the shows to find one I thought the kids would like.  My main objective was to find an entertaining and educational show that would grab my toddler’s attention.  I specifically needed something really upbeat to keep him from getting mad that I wasn’t showing his usual favorite.

Last year, while attending a blog conference, I met a representative at Wild Brain.  I’d never heard of it before then.  Come to find out, it’s a cool YouTube channel offering tons of your little one’s favorite shows for FREE right on the web.  Now, the funny thing is, my daughter had been watching a couple of these shows and I hadn’t even realized it until I began scouring YouTube for shows for my youngest. Ellie Explorer hooked me, unlike many shows I find online!  I’ve partnered with WildBrain to share all the reasons we love watching Ellie Explorer.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

While both kids were home one morning, I turned on Ellie, quite to the dismay of my son, initially.  But, her bright bubbly personality grabbed him as quickly as it had done with me.  Even my 6 year old watched rather intently, occasionally repeating something to her brother to make sure he was paying attention.

The next thing I knew, they were both so enthralled, I was able to leave the room and have a few minutes to myself.  I’ve since used Ellie Explorer as a means to help me with several problems.

Toddler and mom sit on couch with remote - a pinterest image - 4 reasons Ellie Explorer is the perfect toddler show | www.sahmplus.com
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4 Ways Ellie is More than Just Silly Fun

This is one of our favorite shows, especially for the toddler.  She helps our little one focus on colors and spells some of the words for an extra boost of education.



For some of our home preschool learning with B, I know I have to mix up the way information reaches him.  Because of his short attention span, I need to constantly change up how educational facts and messages are delivered to him.  He loves watching TV shows and I’ve never been one to want my kids to watch those that don’t have some kind of educational value to offer.  Ellie Explorer is good because she delivers knowledge to my kids in a really fun and engaging environment.

toddler watching Ellie Explorer, fun and educational online video from Wildbrain


I don’t know of many little kids who don’t love most animals.  Do you?  The cool part about Ellie Explorer is that she shows real life animals and some animated ones.  Both are highly appreciated by the kids.

Just the other week, we were learning about the jungle.  For part of the morning, I switched on Ellie Explorer and had him watch an episode about monkeys, since they’re one of the animals you find in a jungle.  He was able to watch them in their habitats and hear their sounds.

toddler in front of TV, watching Ellie Explorer - episode about apes to accompany our home preschool jungle theme for the week


One of my son’s favorite things to do is count.  Very often, Ellie counts in her videos and my son really loves that.


Ellie Explorer encourages movement during videos.  She uses large motions, sounds, and songs to get kids moving.  To be honest, as I struggle with my energy, I’m quite pleased that Ellie is so upbeat and active.  She’s really engaging, which is something little ones need to hold their attention.  My 2 year old definitely doesn’t have the attention span I’d like, so anything that can get, and keep, his attention for even a few minutes, like Ellie can, is a blessing!


Especially during moments I use Ellie Explorer videos as part of a preschool morning activity, I’ll sit with my son and do the activities or try to sing along with him and Ellie.  We have fun making animal noises and learning to count (or even spell) together.

A quiet break for mom

I can’t lie!  Sometimes I just need a few minutes away from the kid(s) to either take a minute to myself or get something done around the house.  I love when I hear “Eyyie” in my little guy’s tiny excited voice.  I love that she captures his attention quickly and I can rush out to take care of whatever it is I need to for a few minutes.  It’s a great feeling knowing he’s entertained (and learning), instead of trailing behind me seeking to be held.

In the real life interview with Eleanor, the presenter for Ellie Explorer, she says it takes “high energy” to be a good presenter.  She couldn’t be more right!  I’ve noticed, over the years, that when a show or story time teller doesn’t have enough energy, they lose my children’s interest.  Thankfully, Ellie doesn’t have this problem.  That’s why I can rely on her to give me a couple minutes to regroup or present a topic to my little one when I need a break.

And the best part is, there are TONS of videos to watch, including special holiday episodes.  This means there’s something fun for many interests.

toddler watching Ellie Explorer sing about llamas

So far, the kids really get a kick out of the Llama Song, too!  As usual, Ellie Explorer is energetic and entertaining.


I know many of us feel compelled to limit our children’s screen-time.  I used to be that mom.  But, after having a second kid, I really struggle with my energy.  Screen time with the few shows I approve of sometimes is just a necessary evil.  I love that I can add Ellie Explorer to our routine knowing the kids aren’t sitting around watching fluff.  Instead they’re learning.  And, that I approve of something that even the picky toddler wants to watch is amazing!

Ellie Explorer is now one of our favorite shows to watch when I want a break or when I want to focus on a specific area of education with our toddler.

Toddler coloring a jungle page - a sponsored post on behalf of WildBrain | www.sahmplus.com

B working on his jungle theme

Ellie Explorer, from WildBrain, is much more than just silly fun. 4 reasons you should let your toddler watch Ellie Explorer | www.sahmplus.com
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Emma February 2, 2018 - 11:43 am

The video clips of Ellie looks very fun. Thank you for your introduction. I’ll let my child see these video.

Bri Adams February 2, 2018 - 5:21 pm

I was also that mom when I had my first child. No screens. Ha ha. I now have three and that’s out the window but the screen time must be educational. I’ve never heard of Ellie and I will definitely be checking out now. My 2yo will love it too. Thanks for the recommendation.

Ivy B February 4, 2018 - 1:34 pm

I do hope you check it out. Let me know what your little one thinks of it!

Scarlet at Family Blog February 8, 2018 - 12:07 pm

Silly fun is good but I’m a sucker for educational and even more so for animals:) Looks like a great show!

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