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How MommyCon Orlando 2017 Was a Momcation for Me

by Ivy B

For a small part of 2017, I became a MommyCon blogger.  To be honest, I didn’t know much about the program, other than a friend of mine was approved to speak about how important it was for her husband to be her labor support in their natural birth plan at their local MommyCon.

That, right there, was enough for me to know that MommyCon had some of the same values as I did.

As the time neared for MommyCon in Orlando, I began considering going.  When I received a Media Pass, I knew I needed to make it happen.

How I used MommyCon Orlando 2017 as a reason for a momcation. A weekend break from the kids, learning to be a better parent, and networking for my blog. www.sahmplus.com
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I asked friends if they’d go with me to have a ladies weekend.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’re so busy as moms we think we can’t take a moment away, if money was a problem, or if no one wanted to spend their down time in a day long conference for parents.  Either way, MommyCon Orlando 2017 was a momcation all by myself.

At first, I was disappointed I wasn’t going to spend time with some friends.  But, it turned out to be a great thing!  I had time for myself, got to do what I wanted, when I wanted, and break free of any of the confinements I usually experience as a SAHM.

I WAS FREE! (Excuse the yelling.)

I was a little intimidated, at first, that I would know no one.  Especially since I had no idea what to expect as a first time MommyCon attendee.

Let me say that it’s possible I’m on the cusp of being too far into the mom-game to continue attending MommyCon.  It was highly geared toward families with babies and toddlers.  Though my son is nearly two, I didn’t find too many vendors or sessions that were helpful for more than any moment we were in now.  Even the vendors were highly baby oriented, with very little for toddlers, much less older children.

I’m kind of saddened by this though because I’ll always consider myself a mommy.  So, I’d love to see MommyCon expand to fulfill the needs of moms of children of all ages.

As a blogger, I took the opportunity to network with a few of the vendors either when a session didn’t offer what I expected or during breaks.  My favorites were

  • Boba – because without them, I wouldn’t have been able to cope with my mama’s boy.

  • Birth in the Know – They created Down the Canal Board Game to help teach about birth options in a fun manner to help you make informed decisions.

Down the Canal board game at MommyCon Orlando 2017 www.sahmplus.com

  • and Polyblox! This was the coolest toy I’d seen in a while because it’s a very tactile alternative to alphabet blocks.

Polybox wooden totems - education toy blocks at MommyCon Orlando 2017 www.sahmplus.com

I’m currently experiencing some remorse that I didn’t purchase a set of Polybox while I was at MommyCon, too.

I met some amazing people and had the chance to meet Alexandria, from Naturally Made with Love, in person after being Facebook blogging buddies for about a year or so.

Most importantly, I took the time away from my family to focus on myself.  It was a perfect Momcation because I ate where I wanted and even had a chance one evening to venture out into town and visit a cousin I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager!

Lastly, I stayed onsite at the Caribe Royale.  I was apprehensive at first because I couldn’t find any information about the availability of gluten free foods on site.  But, the low cost of such a large room meant it would be ridiculous to pay about the same for a smaller room and have to drive in for the conference.

Hall view from the bedroom of a 1 bedroom suite at the Caribe Royale for MommyCon Orlando 2017 | www.sahmplus.com

Turns out, staying on site was the right decision.  Even though nothing clearly stated gluten free, I was able to ask the staff at the two locations I ate at on my trip, and I was provided tons of options.  My favorite breakfast one morning was the buffet at Tropicale, which included a special order of gluten free French Toast!

GF french toast available at Caribe Royal breakfast - MommyCon Orlando 2017 momcation | www.sahmplus.com

What’s better is that I’m considering using Caribe Royale in the future for family trips to Orlando.  I found out they offer 2 BR Villas which are pretty affordable.  For the price, it’s a nice resort with pool, kids’ splash pad, and all the normal resort amenities like a spa, dining, and more.

Top 3 things I enjoyed about my MommyCon Orlando 2017 Momcation

  1. None of the screaming kids were mine to deal with
  2. I had peaceful meals at my own pace
  3. No rushing for kids’ schedules

Do you want a Momcation?

Guys, if you’re anywhere near Atlanta, GA, you can still plan a momcation at MommyCon Atlanta 2017.  Of course, you don’t even have to do a solo vacation.  If you can’t get away without the family, there are TONS of things for everyone to do, including activity sessions for parents and kids throughout the day.

You can still use my special code for $5 off admission to MommyCon Atlanta 2017 using code SAHMPLUS17.  

I noticed that many of the vendors had event specials in the marketplace, so it’s a good time to stock up on the things you’re wanting, especially before Christmas!

If you go (or went) to MommyCon, let me know about it!

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