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I’m an Overwhelmed Stay at Home Mom: What I’m Doing About It

by Ivy B

How I’m handing being an overwhelmed stay at home mom right now.  Thoughts on modern day mom life and what to do about all the expectations and demands on your time.  Help for parenting, self-care, marriage, and business.

The term “stay at home mom” has changed in modern years, and in many ways, not for the better.

Hi!  I’m an overwhelmed stay at home mom in 2018.  I’ve been doing this “job” for nearly 7 years.  When I compare my life as a stay at home mom to my mother’s and my grandmother’s, I see remarkable differences in stay at home mom meant vs what it means today.

I’ve decided the modern stay at home mom really shouldn’t be called a stay at home mom.  You see, I’ve seen the expectations my mom and grandma had while they stayed home.  They were good homemakers, too.  When the kids were old enough, they would send them out to play while they slaved indoors cooking and cleaning all day.  Grandma’s house was immaculate and mine, growing up, was surprisingly nice with two outdoor-loving kids running wild.

Retro housewife
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These days, however, stay at home moms are under tremendous pressure to do more than just play the role of good homemaker.  With social media, heavy taxes, and Pinterest, we feel as though we’re slacking if we’re not trying to home preschool our three-year-olds and run some kind of business to earn some money while we’re at it.  And, if you don’t cook Pinterest-worthy meals and clean to the standards of photographs in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, you’re really slacking.

The truth is, keeping up with all these standards everyone else seems to be setting for us is virtually impossible.  Many years ago, stay at home moms were already tired from raising kids and doing housework.  It’s no surprise,then, we’ve become overwhelmed.

What I’m Doing About Being an Overwhelmed Stay at Home Mom

When the New Year rolled around, I shared this mom’s 2018 goals.  Essentially, I knew I needed to get organized and take better care of myself and my marriage.

While I’ve been better organized, I added running an Etsy shop to my already busy schedule of momming, blogging, and homemaking.  Now I’m even more overwhelmed and I realized I can’t seem to get organized enough to get ahead!

As an overwhelmed stay at home mom (who really should be considering herself a work at home mom at this point), I realized I had to do something about it.  I had too many things that needed to be done but no idea where to start.  So, when Ultimate Bundles brought out the Stay At Home Survival Bundle, I knew I had to splurge.

Splurge?  Well, let’s just say with a new business, I spent funds I’d been earning from blogging, so I had very little to play with.  But, I couldn’t let that stop me because THINGS NEEDED TO CHANGE in this house.

I’m drowning in clutter.

I’m a toddler mom and a mom to an almost 7 year old.  I try to home preschool the 2 year old and have both kids attend weekly soccer practice.

Most nights, I cook from scratch.  If it’s not from scratch, we’ve gone out to dinner or someone goes through a drive-thru.

As an introvert, I’m carving out more time for self-care and quiet.  But that’s more time I can’t get the massive household chore list done.

I spend tons of time blogging, trying to earn an income to keep me from having to return to an office job.

And, I have to continually work to build on my marriage.  Even though I believe we’re happily married, I want to put more intentional effort into our relationship.

I just don’t know how to prioritize, nor am I a very organized person, in general.  Scheduling, I can do, but organizing physical items to reduce clutter … not my thing.

I need help, but who can afford to hire professional organizers, a VA to help lighten the load, or a housekeeper to do what I’m technically supposed to be staying home to do?

That’s why I shouldn’t consider the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle a splurge!  It’s the help I need in so many areas of my daily life as a mom, wife, and homemaker while being ridiculously affordable!

What I’m Looking forward to Most

Taking notes and making a plan

In this bundle, there are so many great resources, it’s hard to prioritize where to start!  But, these are the items I’m most looking forward to working on:

The Tired Mom’s Guide to Getting It Done

Family Conversation Cards

Back to Basics: The Screen Time Formula

If you’re ready to organize and declutter your home, learn to balance your many roles, be a more intentional mom, and put delicious meals on the table faster and easier, then you will definitely want to pick up this bundle for just $24.97 (pssst… it’s worth over $493!).

If you’re an overwhelmed stay at home mom, work at home mom, or work out of the house mom, you’re going to love so many of the items in The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!  There’s something for Christian moms, working moms, and stay at home moms.  You’ll find printables, ebooks, and courses for blogging, organizing, and recipes.  Plus, there’s more in there for building your relationships with your kids, husband, and working on your relationship with self-care!

Go ahead and splurge on this one bundle.  I promise you’re going to love it!

I'm an overwhelmed stay at home mom. What I'm using right now as my SAHM survival guide | sahmplus.com

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Janine Huldie April 11, 2018 - 9:40 am

From one technically stay-at-home mom to another, what can I say but this is awesome. Definitely think we can all use some help and thank you for giving us some advice and more here now!

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