Quick update on the little’s speaking!

by Ivy B
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Hubby and I have been working hard on getting our 18 month old to talk!  She throws out a mama and dada here and there, a few uhoh, and everything else is “ba”.
She’s been signing 2 and 3 word sentences to me – her understanding of language is amazing and her signing  vocabulary quite impressive.  So … work work work!
I began noticing that she mimics daddy SO much more than mommy, so I’ve tried to explain to him that he needs to work a bit harder at speaking to her and requesting more words from her.  This weekend, she’s begun trying to say more than ever.  What a huge weight off my shoulders to know that we may not have to get another evaluation 🙂  More importantly, mommy isn’t going to have to stop sign language classes – to be honest, I enjoy learning as much as she does!

What age did your kiddos start talking?  And, did you use sign language prior to their ability to speak?

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