Rhien’s Paper Crafting Mom Hobby

by Ivy B
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All moms need time for themselves.  They need something special to do just for their enjoyment.  I always urge you to find that time… to be something more than mom.  I decided that instead of simply encouraging you, I would try to share more inspiration.  I’m doing this by bringing stories to you of ways other real moms are finding that time.  Every month, I would love to share a different mom hobby or another mom’s story, in hopes that we can help you find a mom hobby you can be passionate about.  And, with the hope you’ll actually take some time for yourself!  Last month, I shared my own story of finding my passion in cars.  Today, I share a story of a mom who has found a passion in paper crafting and creating memories.

Meet Rhien.  In grad school, she worked 8 hours a day at a daycare and figured parenthood would have been easier.  Not unlike many mothers, before having children she also thought she had a lot of patience.  She hadn’t taken into account that the children she cared for in day care weren’t going home with her.  Parenting was more than a full-time job and her own children would be better able to push her buttons and test her patience.  Rhien enjoys paper crafting as her mom hobby to help her unwind.  What mother doesn’t need that, right?

Mom Hobby paper crafting

*Dislaimer: This post likely contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions.

A Word on Motherhood from Rhien

Before having children, Rhien imagined herself being a “cool, collected mom.”  Instead of talking her children through tantrums or meltdowns, she’s felt her buttons pushed more often, but has learned to be more inventive with calm-down and discipline strategies.  She tells me “I definitely never thought parenting would be so hard.”

Although some aspects of her life have varied from her ideas of motherhood before having children, some things have been similar.  She wanted children close in age, hoping they would have a close relationship.

It never gets old seeing my oldest comfort my youngest when he gets hurt.  Or when my oldest proudly introduces my youngest to her friends, saying this is my little brother, Grey.

Rhien’s Paper Crafting Mom Hobby

Rhien turned to paper crafting as a way to unwind and relax.  As you probably know, a mom’s job is pretty taxing and never ends.  She believes that moms tend to lose themselves as their focus is usually on their family and home.  Having a hobby is an important way to do something for herself, and shift her focus from “mom, wife, cook, driver, etc.”

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What exactly is paper crafting?

Rhien’s focus is on nursery mobiles and party décor as she creates paper items “in celebration of life’s memorable moments.”

Rhien's paper crafting mom hobby

How much time does she devote to her hobby?

This is a daily activity, just on a limited schedule, working during her children’s naps or after bedtime.  Even if she only gets 30 minutes, it’s her time to create.

The Reward of her Paper Crafting Hobby

In the, roughly, 5 years Rhien has been paper crafting, she’s turned her hobby into a small business.  Her passion, and chance to unwind, allows others to enjoy her work.  Be sure to check out The Kennedy Grey Collection on Instagram or visit her Etsy Shop!

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