Why My Daughter Doesn’t Get Pink, Frilly, Princess Toys

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I’m not exactly sure why it is, but just because I happened to have a girl, I seemed to have to fight everyone about us not wanting a bunch of pink and purple “girly” toys.  In fact, it was almost a regular debate about that and why I didn’t dress her in more pink and “girly” outfits with ridiculously large bows and headbands.  (Girl is only wearing dresses because they’re the easiest during diaper changes).

My responses have typically been something along the lines of
a) I want my daughter to be aware of all colors of the rainbow
b) She’s a kid – she should be playing with ALL kid toys, not just ones that are geared specifically toward girls
c) I’m not a girly girl and I don’t intend to raise her as one.  I am seeking balance
d) If I (miraculously) convince hubby to let me have baby #2 and (hoping) we have a boy, I want to be able to hand current toys down – not be forced to start completely over

It never fails that someone believes she’s going to be into all the princess stuff because I’m not.  And I say, when she’s old enough to tell me she wants pink princess-y toys with all the frills (shoot me), then I have to deal with it.

I am just hoping to instill normal behaviors and work on normal development – she’ll have plenty of external influences to help further shape her into the young woman she’s destined to be, but I will NOT be pushing that girlie stuff on her myself.  I just want her to be a kid, plain and simple.

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The extremist in me – I’m an Aries, after all – has already said that when it comes time to get Barbie (if she has to have one of these) a Barbie car, we’re taking it out of the box, rushing it to the garage, and painting it black.  No one is ever allowed to drive a pink car in this house, and we’re certainly not letting Barbie get away with it either …

What’s your stand?


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