8 Reasons Why Your Family Needs Google Home

by Ivy B
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Why your family needs Google Home.  More than just serious life stuff, Google Home is fun for kids, too.

This is one of the devices I loved in May!  Seriously, the Google Home has been a life changer around here.  The kids like to talk to it.  We ask it questions.  Sometimes we play games with it.

Seriously, useful information at the sound of your voice is an amazing thing.  But, I love how it takes my lazy self to a whole new level.  And, when I’m feeling a little silly, Google Home fits the mood too.

Do you have a Google Home?  Let me tell you why your family needs Google Home!

8 Reasons Your Family Needs Google Home

Do you have a Google Home device? Why every family with kids needs a Google Home www.sahmplus.com

Check the Weather

Did your child dress appropriately today?  Guys, my husband and I are busy getting everyone ready in the morning.  The last thing I want to do is pause to check the weather on my phone.  I mean, I don’t even know where I set my phone down last.  So, we just consult Google while we’re making breakfast.

Listen to Streaming Music

Sometimes we just want to play music during breakfast or randomly in the afternoon.  Google Home will stream it for me and I can tell it to change it’s volume without ever hitting a button or touching a screen.  In the middle of cooking?  Just tell Google to play your Pandora station!

Ask About Animal Sounds

One of our favorite things to do for the kids is to ask Google what sounds various animals make.  Of course, our children love dinosaurs, so we have to ask Google what a dinosaur sounds like.  She’s usually pretty good with the responses, but she’s stumped if you ask her what a particular dinosaur sounds like.

If you ask the kids, this is likely their only reason why your family needs a Google Home.

Keeping Up With Your Schedule

What are the plans for today?  If you didn’t read up on how to keep up with your family schedule, Google can help.  Google knows what’s up and she’ll happily tell you your schedule!

Why your family needs google home www.sahmplus.com

Are You Feeling Lucky?

Seriously, ask Google this question.  Okay …  I was going to leave it at that, but this was so cool I couldn’t contain my excitement!  When you ask Google “Are you feeling lucky?” you’ll open up trivia games and you can tell it how many contestants are playing.

Hands-Free Home Temperature!

Google Home works with Nest to control your home’s temperature!  If you already have Nest, you’re in great shape.  If not, I’m not sure why … we save a ton of money with Nest looking out for our heat and air usage.  As though picking up my phone was a hassle, I can just tell Google to adjust the temperature in the house for me.

The Jokes

“Okay Google, tell me a joke” or “Okay Google, make me laugh.”  These requests yield way better results than my almost 6 year old’s so-called knock-knock jokes that are simply senseless.  This is an amazing way to laugh as a family.

It plays nicely with everyone

The kids get to talk to it and ask it random questions.  When my husband brought home the first unit, I hadn’t realized it would work for everyone in the house, so it’s a fabulous device that will entertain and assist the whole family!

We’ve had our first Google Home unit for about 6 months and I won the second one when I went to Mom 2.0 in May 2017.

Get Google Home at Best Buy and start having fun, being lazy, and staying on track with schedules!

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