Adriatic Fig Prize Candle Review

by Ivy B
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Huge thanks to Tastemaker Mom for selecting me to receive a Prize Candle to review.  I was not compensated for this post, other than the candle in exchange for my honest opinions of it.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the candle brands out there that are so popular offering jewelry somewhere in the candle.  Why would you choose Prize Candle over all the other options out there? Here’s what I learned about them when I received my candle.

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Similar to some other popular candles, Prize Candles are premium soy wax and are eco-conscious.  They offer a relatively small quantity of options, but they appear to cover the basics in their 9 oz candles.  Additionally, they stock candles for special moments (ie Birthdays, babies, etc) and currently I see two 2.5 oz varieties “To Go” that do not include prizes.

What I like is that there’s a way to enter your prize code online at to receive an instant appraisal of your prize.  I don’t know of another candle company that offers this, and one of them even suggests that you take your 14k stamped jewelry to a jeweler for an appraisal.  An appraisal usually isn’t free, so paying for an appraisal could cost as much as (or more than) your prize.  I can appreciate that Prize Candle takes that into account AND will send you your appraisal if your prize is valued at $500 to $5000.  This is the biggest selling point to me.

Adriatic Fig #prizecandle burning candle

My Experience with Adriatic Fig

I received the Adriatic Fig scented candle.  I don’t know much about figs, other than I have some growing in my back yard and wasn’t particularly fond of them.  When I opened the box, I smelled what reminded me of baby powder.  I’m on the fence about it, even after lighting the candle for a while.

no patience, digging out my prize from #tmmprizecandle
I couldn’t wait for my prize …

What I liked:

1) I burned the candle about 4 hours and was able to pry out my prize.
2) Redeeming the prize code online was quick and easy!  It took me about 2 minutes to verify my prize.
3) When redeeming your prize code, you’re given the opportunity to share – you and your friend can each earn $10 off a prize candle when your friend signs up under your referral.

These make great gifts to yourself and others.  It would be nice if you gave someone special a winning prize and they didn’t have to go have it appraised, right?  Either way, the fun is in the anticipation.

#prizecandle $10 prize ring

Click here if you’d like to get $10 off your purchase at Prize Candle  Please note that is a referral link.  You and I will both receive $10 to Prize Candle when you use my link.

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